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  1. can someone in montreal phone admission please and find out for sure they are selling tickets for radiohead? no band ever plays at this venue, but every time i have seen a show in montreal at a normal venue that is played like metropolis,molson center, the park where warped tour is etc is always sold form admission. but youd think it be listed by now. radiohead website is not very helpful either it says tickets go onsale at all regular ticketmaster or your main outlets in your city. who knows???? help they must say something on montreal radio ?
  2. what website is selling montreal tickets? its not ticketmaster and admission i thought would sell it but its still not listed on their site??????????/ anyone from montreal please post the site that i can get tickets from, is it admission like normal? and they are just extremely slow updating their fuckin website in that case
  3. and i checked that pda.qc.ca site the official site of the venue, and it lists radiohead on it, but i dont think you can buy tickets on that site cuase it says to call a number, there is no forms like ticketmaster for anything to buy right off that site fuck admission better sell tickets. anyone from montreal know????????????????????????????
  4. usualy concerts in montreal i buy tickets from admission outlets but its not listed on their web site. and ticketmaster doesnt sell for montreal. can someone please post the link that will be selling tickets for the montreal show friday. if its not admission or ticketmaster who the hell is selling tickets? radiohead website doesnt even say and im so confused, i want to go to montreal show but who the fuck is selling tickets for this'???????????
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