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  1. are you interested in one lower lever sec 109?
  2. anyone need a single for Chicago 1? I have 2 available can transfer thru TM.
  3. I have 2 single lower level for Chicago 1 available if anyone interested.
  4. I have 2 singles lower level for Chicago 1 available
  5. They stated very clearly on ticketmaster that it was paperless no transfer and get your ticket and go in venue deal..... So the only way is to use his ID and Charge Card and hope they aren't looking close at the ID photo.....
  6. very worthwhile decent sound. Camera mainly on Thom but this shows the band paying dues and getting little respect out of crowd since it is in a small bar. Lupos was always a great place to catch music in the 80's and after they closed and moved they continue to be one of the best venues.... Toots and the Maytalls in early 80's still one of best shows i witnessed..... wish i been there for thsi thanks for making it available:thumbsup: And t shoud be called **CK U .... Thom ends the show great.... Rare songs and great band playing hearts out...
  7. I never found the Philly 06 night one as tht is the one I thought got iced.... If you have Philly night one I would love to get a copy as I was there in 3rd row. Thanks
  8. they will do the acoustic cover of Wish you where here........ and Prince 1999!!!!!!!
  9. I think that is why the album is called in rainbows and the lighting in tubes on stage is a direct response by the band to the bonaroo fun. Dont think I would like being hit in head by a thrown glo stick ... Must have been the shrooms.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpwdytWRZ10:thumbsup:
  10. LED lights that were designed due to the glow sticks in Bonaroo. Every light on the stage was low emmissions.
  11. In charlotte I was standing with some kids that had been to bonaroo and I mentioned it looked like the band had taken the glo stick idea with their lights as they slid them accross the stage. I then went on to say it will be fun if they do a rainbow lighting effect which they eventually did. As with U2 light show things only get better as they play with the new toys..... They are LED lights so they have some unique effects. But I still believe this is in response to all the glo sticks at Bonaroo.......
  12. charlotte planet telex morning bell
  13. Wow same happened in 06 philly one show. THese tapers are some tight group to keep on show out of circulation while all the others are shared......... smell the roses share the music....
  14. Anyone go to all the spring shows? Wonder what everyone thinks of setlist so far and if they liked what they saw and heard. Lets critique the show and help the band make it better when they return. DOnt play sheds is my first comment. Enjoyed being in the pit but sound was muddy. From videos i watch sound was much better on lawn especially vocals and phils drums. Play IN Rainbows straight through and let us really enjoy the music as it was released. Then add a couple of the b sides..... I think it would be fun hearing entire album song by song not mixed in set..... Light show is great and the farther away you are the more 3-d it looks. If playing sheds u need a screen in front of lawn so folks can see close ups easier. WIth all the strobes and tube lights it is hard to see screeens. Festivals should be cool with lighting setup. Maybe they will have larger screens due to stage size.... Setlist of old songs pretty impressive and shows why u need to go to more then one gig.... Also come back for BUll RUn and Bristow play a free show on the mall in DC...... I went to charlotte and thought we got an okay setlist and good show. I give them 4 out of 5 stars and by august it will probably be a 6 star rating.....
  15. Remember no Philly 1 show in 06..... Bootleggers created vintage shows......
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