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  1. I didn't mean it as something negative, but it was a process that was necessary. And it must have been pretty tough for them, but made them a much better band.
  2. Also on the Kid A/Amnesiac topic... I think Kid A stands as the complete meltdown in their discography. It was all about breaking apart every element that they had crafted so brilliantly in OKC, from the songwriting to the mood and the arrangements and the effects and the instruments themselves... So it sounds very harsh and extreme to anyone that is caught off guard. The way Amnesiac was put together, on the other hand, makes it seem like it is trying to find a certain "balance" between both approaches, given the more straightforward songs such as Knives Out and You And Whose Army. I
  3. The cover of Daydreaming actually matches the description more closely.
  4. 1. In Rainbows (10/10) 2. Hail To The Thief (10/10) 3. Amnesiac (9/10) 4. Kid A (8/10) 5. OK Computer (7.5/10) 6. The Bends (7/10) 7. The King of Limbs (6.5/10) 8. Pablo Honey (6/10)
  5. - Everything that Radiohead made after OKC was better than OKC itself. That being said, I'm in a Radiohead cover band, and that statement has started some heated arguments with the other members, LOL. - All things considered, the best album is probably HTTT. It's dark, gritty, and has that spontaneous sound they were seeking. Plus, the songwriting in it is excellent: very diverse and experimental but easy to digest. In Rainbows is great but overproduced at moments. So is TKOL. LP9 seems to be the same (given Daydreaming, at least). - Amnesiac is far better than Kid A.
  6. I have a feeling that LP9 will be their last. I don't really know why.
  7. OKC sounds very dated today. All of the albums that followed it are better.
  8. Disagreed. One of the main reasons I'm a Radiohead fan is Thom's lyrics (specially during the Bends/OKC and HTTT/IR eras). Maybe that is because I'm a songwriter myself.
  9. Best lyrics in the TKOL era was Separator (not great though). IR is brilliant in comparison. Bodysnatchers, Jigsaw, All I Need, Videotape, all great.
  10. Random predictions: - The album will have 9-10 songs. - The organic "live drumming" feel of the 2012 tour will be very present, with a more delicate coating recalling IR. A kind of trip-hop vibe, probably due to Clive's influence. - From the old vaults, we'll have Lift. Very minimalistic, a la Codex. - From the songs we already know, I say we'll have Cut A Hole, Ful Stop (with different titles), The Present Tense and one of those new ones Thom just played. - The Present Tense will have a similar vibe/arrangement to Supercollider. - I have a feeling Identikit will not be included. Prob
  11. That's true. 58hours claims it's the São Paulo gig, but I'm guessing they one count the full tours.
  12. 2009 actually, in Sao Paulo, Brazil (I was there).
  13. I've tried a few of them, to no avail. Some of the tracks, such as HTDC and Optimistic, were probably recorded without click tracks so their BPMs are not fixed. But anyway, thanks all for the help. Thanks! I'll try these.
  14. The show has actually not been confirmed yet, but if it is, it will happen next year, probably around March. We'll try to have it filmed!
  15. Is there any place to find precise BPM numbers for Radiohead songs? Specially the ones from Kid A. Or else, some musical analysis on the tempo oscillations from that album? Here's the deal: I have a Radiohead cover band and we've been invited to perform Kid A in its entirety during a projection of Nosferatu (the 1922 film). So synchronicity to the visuals is key. And I've been trying to create a audio project with cue and metronome for us to guide ourselves, but it's been pretty useless because most songs just won't stick to any usual BPM. Anyone?
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