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  1. this sounds like an awful version of the postal service
  2. ahh, thought he ment an OKC era real recording of nude
  3. and he did radiohead then I guess? Surely if Radiohed had fully recorded nude in the past it wouldve been released by now?
  4. redDANGER


    I definately want a digital SLR, but i'll be looking near the bottom of the range, i've heard I wont go far wrong with canon. I bought "what digital camera" magazine so i'll give that a read, anyway im gonna take time to look around. I want it for before my trip to copenhagen.
  5. redDANGER

    New Track! :O

    I think it works
  6. redDANGER


    I wanna take up photography and I want an SLR camera, can somebody give me any pointers and recomendations as which to get?
  7. redDANGER

    New Track! :O

    why do you keep churning out music like babies like a work avoiding woman?
  8. whyare radiohead stalling for more money?
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