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  1. Hey all, As stated in the original post, I have an extra for night two of Amsterdam and am looking to trade for a single for night one. Please no groveling, just looking for a one to one even trade. Best of luck everyone
  2. I have one extra ticket for Saturday night. Looking to trade for one ticket for Friday night. Thanks
  3. no worries, Have : Amsterdam night two or New York night one Looking for: London Night one two or three
  4. Figured with everyone figuring out their ticket situation now that the shows are all sold out, we could try to help each other with setting up some trades. I'll throw my hat into the mix. Have an extra for night two of Amsterdam and night one of New York. Looking for a ticket for any night of London. This is for trade only and not for sale. Even one to one trade, where no one profits. I will be at all three venues either way as the tickets are in my name. Good luck everybody
  5. way to go! determination overcomes all
  6. In addition to the two performances at Coachella, it looks like there will be three more west coast dates in April: 4/09/12 Key Arena, Seattle, WA 4/11/12 HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA 4/12/12 Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA. Can't wait to get back to the SB Bowl, one of the most amazing venues I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Hard to believe that tour starts next month, excited to see the live interpretation of TKOL.
  7. if i remember correctly they played all i need after morning bell also : climbing up the walls, bodysnatchers how to disappear completely encored with videotape, parandoid android, dollars and cents, street spirit, reckoner and came back with house of cards, lucky, and everything in its right place. SICK.
  8. http://www.eastbayexpress.com/gyrobase/gregg_perloff_is_the_new_bill_graham/Content?oid=807397&page=1
  9. the "lineup hours" that were posted are correct. however, there are FIVE different entrances..... so..... i guess there is no way to really enforce it, as law enforcement is way lax out here. here are the five entrances if it helps ya any: 1. JFK Drive at Transverse Drive 2. 30th ave and Fulton 3. 36th ave and fulton 4. Sunset Blvd and Lincoln Ave 5. 25th Ave and Lincoln Ave. traffic is gonna be a bitch. the have valet bike service, which is awesome, and they are adding buses to accomodate the large crowds (and the friggin roller derby the same day taboot). I would HIGHLY recommend using pubic transport or hoofing it. Also, an interesting article about the festie :http://www.ktvu.com/entertainment/17186415/detail.html
  10. don't be so hard on yourself:thumbsup:
  11. i don't think Im going out on a limb to say that they will play a full set and a couple of encores as they have this whole tour. I was out at GGP this afternoon and this evening and it didn't break 60 degrees. Forecast is the same for next weekend, so don't forget to bring extra layers to bundle up! (i had two shirts on under a hoodie and was still freezing!) see ya in the park:thumbsup:
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