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  1. Had the pleasure of receiving mine yesterday. Yay! Luckily there was someone in to sign for it, the guy said he'd been on Monday but there was no one in. Has anyone actually received a missed delivery card? It would seem they just keep trying to deliver it till they find someone in. Oh, and I just got Manchester tickets, yipee!
  2. Should be able to find your answer here.
  3. Right, taken a brief skim of the thread and at the risk of repeating something, here's my take on the black/blank shore debate. It's definately :- Because we separate like, Ripples on a BLACK shore. Black shores I think refers to an oil spill on a beach, whereby ripples in the water would cause a rainbow effect. IN RAAAAAAAAAIN IN RAAAAAIINBOWS etc etc. QED
  4. I'll link this as it's quite a high res photo Tadaa I've added 4 more CD's since that photo, the USA Knives Out single, There There UK Promo, Creep Aus Single, Creep French Single.
  5. There's 3 different versions, Blue, Black and Silver. I always ask sellers this question as i've been after the different coloured ones (I have the Black one) for a while. Might check our auction out
  6. +1 Lucky -1 Electioneering Airbag (13) Paranoid Android (16) Exit Music (For a Film) (13) Let Down (13) Karma Police (11) Electioneering (4) Climbing up the Walls (17) No Surprises (11) Lucky (9) The Tourist (9)
  7. +1 Thinking About You -1 How Do You You (11) Creep (13) How Do You (6) Stop Whispering (10) Thinking About You (12) Anyone Can Play Guitar (9) Ripcord (7) Vegetable (9) Prove Yourself (10) I Can't (10) Lurgee (10) Blow Out (13)
  8. E------7p5p4---------------------------- B-------------7p5----------------------- G-----------------6p4------------------- D----------------------4----------------- A----------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------
  9. Or when you're stuck in a traffic jam.
  10. I finger it (lol) as it's a lot easier to jump to the E6 this way. It's a pretty good first song to learn, the chords are simple enough (for the record, the tab book gives the chords as A, Asus4, Dmaj9/F#, E6 and Dsus2 with some Bm11 loving for the "wears her out" etc) so just spend a few days learning them and playing through the sequence and you'll get it before long.
  11. Sigh, i'm joining the link-google-image-search-results gang!
  12. Iranu indeed! You've won tonights special prize! Unfortunately, that prize is AIDS.
  13. These didn't turn out too bad, hard to make them too challenging really, seeing as we all know the songs so well. Still, it's just for fun
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