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  1. Hey All, I'm heading to the Radiohead concert in Prague... do you guys know where I may find a zone 1 ticket to the concert? PM if you have one you're interested in selling. Is there a craigslist in Prague I should be checking? Ebay? Thankkkkkks guys.
  2. I need a ticket! I PM'd you about it...
  3. me and a friend are going! all the way from good ol' Austin, TX...
  4. Whoooaaaa... thats a UT webspace account... I got to UT too! Small Radiohead world.
  5. drop D intro: on the A and D string... 1) trill on F# and D respectively 2) down a whole step to trill on E and C 3) down another whole step to trill on D and B flat 4) up to trill on G and E back to beginning verse: Am X02233 000000 Am then some weird chords... dont know them
  6. the most annoying part of it is that the kid actually thinks he's cool.
  7. oh ya and Polyethylene. i mean... come on... slow guitar ballad for part 1, and ripping, huge, power chord extravaganza for part 2. it really is fucking amazing though.
  8. bangers. wtf is happening in that song?!
  9. wooow. that sounds really amazing. you know... it really sucks being a fan sometimes. they go out, make an amazing album-more than i had ever hoped it would be-and all i can think of is when LP8 is going to come out. damn you Radiohead!
  10. Kid X


    I don't know what I am more confused by... 1) the fact that Christina Augilera is a Radiohead fan 2) you were reading People Magazine online
  11. Damn that Patti... I was perpetually in the "friend-zone"
  12. My name is Doug.... so this thread is kind of freaking me out.
  13. wow that was amazingly bad. atleast he thought it was cool.
  14. thom should start doing those videos "you suck at photoshop" except his will be "you suck at taking a song and computerizing the fuck out of it until it sounds ridiculously awesome/scary" PS http://www.waste-central.com/profileĀ­/DougY
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