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  1. yeah thats prebably the best way.

  2. we could go to the store and figure something out, iffin' you want.

  3. oh my god, so gen is having me work 2-5 on monday instead of 11:30-5. talk about adding insult to injury. sigh. so what would you like for dinner?

  4. finally! I feel like this great big wall has come down that was once between us

  5. we can be freinds now!

  6. of course!

    you should tell me yr address i guess. i'll probably be leaving fairly early and getting there early afternoon. then leaving early morning.

  7. you ready for some good times in nc? one week, if it's still on.

  8. I'll talk to my friends. I think they'll be down with having a visitor, how long would you be staying? Also, will you have access to your MT account so I can just inform you on your MT wall?

  9. alright. woohoo, i'm excited. :D

  10. alright! i'll give you a call the day before or the day of. something like that.

  11. yes and yes. we have one comfy couch and one less-comfy futon, so you have your pick. :) i told gen and gary that you're gonna come visit and they're excited to see you.

  12. hey if i leave my house on the 4th would you be available?

    also is there a place for me to sleep there? would that be cool?

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