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  1. yeah, this software is pretty decent. the only thing i miss from the old one is the little button that was on the bottom of the screen and when you clicked it, it quickly brought you back to the top of the page.
  2. yeah, this software is pretty decent. the only thing i miss from the old one is the little button that was on the bottom of the screen and when you clicked it, it quickly brought you back to the top of the page.
  3. it would offer a lot if all of a sudden, the actual members of radiohead started posting here with the remnant.
  4. man, the beginning of 'Has Ended' has such a creepy feel from :35 seconds in to 1:12 - sounds awesome. reminds me of this scene: especially in the beginning with that singing
  5. is that a positive or negative thing? part of me is sad that its gone, but this place has been so dead the past year/two years that its pretty much gone already. so I've come accustomed to it. does that make sense?
  6. yeah, i thought it was donezo. a part of me was sad, and the rest of me didnt really care.
  7. i wonder what ok computer thom would say if he saw this outfit...
  8. yeah out of all the sets, i think the 13th had the best setlist its okay, hopefully there will be more shows to come in the future
  9. doors opened at 630 - jonny came on at 730 - radiohead came on at 845
  10. yeah, last night was awesome, but didnt get any b-sides. I'm guess I'm just being selfish, in that it was my 6th time seeing radiohead so I'm kinda hoping for stuff i haven't heard before. im pretty sure i have heard everything live last night before except optimistic. that was awesome. they played a lot from kid a. I'm just hoping one day ill catch cuttooth or worrywart live one day... well see to be honest, they were a little sloppy at times. but jonny and the opening band were insaneeeeee. some really good songs. if you have a chance to get their early enough you should check them out
  11. I'm going to the first night at msg, I'm a little worried. i feel like their second and their shows have better setlist usually. does anyone have a site for their previous setlist?
  12. does anyone know who has been opening for radiohead in north america?
  13. no lol not that i can recall
  14. you were never really here was insanely good. i thought it was his second best score after there will be blood
  15. got my msg tickets about two weeks ago as well, id call waste
  16. is it because of the stress?? have you considered going on a biologic? i went on humira for my crohns years ago. best decision i ever made. she's awesome, super genuine and intelligent. hates all my music and film though lol i know going on a biologic is concerning because of the effects, but for me, it was quality of life. id rather live another 20-30 years enjoying myself than 40 years of pain and suffering.
  17. and thanks for the videos, hope thom keeps the electronic stuff to his solo and radiohead does its own thing.
  18. I'm sorry to hear about the divorce man, i hope its for the better. have you been handling it okay? i actually got married last summer, so thats been a major change. other than that, just teaching and living. same ol' hows the psoriasis?
  19. has anyone seen any youtube videos of the songs? these all seem to be thom solo?
  20. lol its because it belongs nowhere, I'm literally just writing them right now as my students write their essays. Feel free to destroy them, here is another one: Rob is purchasing something, he hands the cashier the money. The cashier finishes the transaction and places the money on the counter with Rob’s hand still extended. ROB Excuse me, I handed you the money. CASHIER So what? ROB Can you put the money in my hand? CASHIER You kidding me? ROB I waited and put it in your hand. CASHIER Yeah and? ROB Why can’t you just put the money in my hand? FRIEND Rob, just leave it. ROB No, you’re serving me, you should put the money in my hand. CASHIER I’m serving you? I’m your servant? ROB Well not a servant, but you are getting paid to serve me. So yeah, I guess you could say that. CASHIER Exactly, I’m getting paid, I’m not a slave. I think you should leave. ROB What? Like 7 dollars an hour? Look out! CASHIER Have fun picking the money up off the counter. ROB I will. He goes to pick it up and drops some on the floor. CASHIER There you go. Bend down and pick it up. Bend further, almost there. Rob stops bending down. ROB I’m not picking it up, I’ll leave it and I’m never coming back here. CASHIER Good, don’t. ROB You just lost a loyal customer. CASHIER Guess what? I don’t care. As they’re walking away. To friend - ROB Believe that guy? FRIEND Yeah I do.
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