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  1. I'm so proud of you all. Way to bring in the lulz!
  2. Pop, It's Bread! Morning at Taco Bell! Knives and Forks Out! Chicken Bones! Beet Spirit! Talk Show Roast! House of Gourds! Feedbag! Pull/Pork Revolving Hors D'oeuvres! Sit Down. Eat Up.! We Suck Young Blood and Kidney Pies!
  3. If that's her, she's ugly. I don't see no crazy kitten smile on that one.
  4. I'm not kidding about this. Look at my serious face:
  5. I was waiting for someone to say something. I live with my fiancee. That's where she likes to dry them, on the spare guitar wall hanger.
  6. final apple in this hamster everyone is wasted. Fucking filthy i mean. Piece of string wise i mean. all in need of bowl of golf shoes. colins is playing a sticky horn on
  7. Anyone out there wanna play? Noun Noun Adjective Noun Plural noun Adjective Instrument Song title Adjective Adjective Adjective Verbing Noun Verb Preposition Noun Noun Adverb Plural noun Plural noun Verbing verb adjective abstract noun adjective title of a porn film name past tense verb adjective verb noun preposition verb noun verbing adverb plural noun verbing
  8. Hope for the future http://www.fromthebasement.tv this dog is up now... and luckily they have the facts straight about the tape so no grits do i have no more. so thats alright then.
  9. 4am tooddrunk rite now to make cents will type better inthemourning. ed finallyh got th courage to sing we all laughed him off after th first take LARGE BLOCK OF TEXT QUOTING GEORGE MANBIOT HERE Tjhm thm Thom
  10. How long does it take? I'm having one in a week. For my shoulder... Oh, and what type of insane are you?
  11. Let's have another then, yes? noun noun noun song title verb verbing superlative adjective noun instrument noun verbing holiday verb noun noun
  12. I'm done for now. Someone else can take it over if they want.
  13. global warming is an anti guitar conspiracy? yeah right for people who prefer pseudo vacuum rather than the pretentious reality of noodles, for people who prefer the fantasy of vaginae to watching the ice smothering and feel the seas getting motherfucker for people who would much rather find someone to smell colony colony rise and shine thm
  14. noun noun adjective noun plural noun verb-ing adjective-er verb repeating noun ending in y
  15. Thanks for playing! Here we go: Cranberries are high here right now. we are unable to poop. nothing can be sang. we have not masturbated. merely become sweet. for a sour time. we may be shitting in the woods. meanwhile mail has set up an online battery gall bladder to tickle the government to commit to cutting our petroleum jelly. which is a nice idea i think. and you can type your own message. so i'll have to do that. once i've found me liederhosen. ever since Gordon Brown became a cage they have gone a little old on this subject. i do hope rumours of Mr Brown lack of keyboards in climate change aren't empty. we have don't have time for such streetlights. Thm So-so
  16. I need this many: Noun Adjective Verb Past tense verb Past tense verb Adjective Adjective Verb-ing Noun Noun Noun Noun Adjective Verb Noun Noun Adjective Noun Adjective noun
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