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  1. whoa. you saw the future of the album art subconsciously. !!
  2. I had a dream LP9 was announced and released simultaneously. I was thrilled at first, then I was listening through about the the third track waiting for it to be good. Brutal. Just... brutal.
  3. What if this were the album where they start splitting songwriting/singing duties.
  4. SF instead of Berkeley for the third time this decade? Let me add my prediction that they won't tour any time soon. I'd say they take two years off, if they tour again at all.
  5. It's so wonderful to have a credit card to manage all my impulsive spending.
  6. My order finally went through! Had to call Wellsfargo a send time to get the block taken off. I got the mysterious colors-only print of the confirmation page. Hmm. Not too bothered by it. Finally! I can move on to homework and sleep.
  7. I hope I get to be mod one day.
  8. Who else is excited to hear what they've done with the binaural recording?
  9. I'm getting invalid credit card errors, perhaps your credit card number, expiration date or security code were invalid. I got one after this new wellsfargo-operated added security check didn't let my card go through because it was invalid, one of the (bullshit) reasons being 'perhaps you already used it today'?!?! I just tried the free download and it didn't even get to my credit card, just said invalid account details. Super mega frustration x100 edit: the last time it happened was because I entered my waste password incorrectly. Trying it yet again. Going for the box.
  10. waste won't take my fucking credit card. I want to pay them 80$ for the discbox. I kept entering in my card info over and over and got various errors. Now I'm in the process of buying the download for nothing. Which feels completely wrong, but I want to give them money, just not for the download alone.
  11. They require a mobile telephone number. Don't like that.
  12. So, does it seem unusual to anyone else that if you go to http://www.waste.uk.com there's no In Rainbows to speak of?
  13. What sucks about it probably not going to stores (at least not for a while) is that we probably won't get any publicity-no radio play, no music videos, no advertising. Then again, who the fuck listens to the radio or watches music videos?
  14. Well, this is probably asking too much, but I would've liked to see Big Boots or even Lift on this one. And 10 tracks is pretty small for the first CD. Edit: Kid A was 10 tracks and it was perfect. So I won't argue on that one.
  15. So is anyone disappointed with songs that didn't make it? I was holding out some small hope for 'Big Boots'.
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