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  1. Yep. I'm still up refreshing tickets at WASTE every now and then. I read somewhere from them that if they get anymore returned tickets they'd put them back up for sale. Figured I'd stay up until 3 at least.
  2. Two minutes? One? Five? I still have a little trouble believing how incredibly fast the philly dates sold out, in two minutes. I've been to the Greek Theatre in Berkeley before (Pixies) and I think it'll be a smaller venue than philly. Any idea how many the Greek Theatre seats?
  3. You're gonna start off the list with Lucky? I'd pick something a little faster with more energy. The rest are good choices. They really run the gamut from the bright, cutsey High and Dry to Orgy. A couple more you might wanna add: Big Ideas, True Love Waits, and Fake Plastic Trees.
  4. I came across a live cover Radiohead performed of "Nobody Does It Better" that has Thom opening with the words, "This is the sexiest song ever written." I like to make mix-tapes for my girlfriends and I've this cover once or twice, but what gets me is that at the end he says, "And this...this is the second sexiest song ever written," and I have no clue what song they played next on the setlist. So I always have to find my own definition of the second sexiest song ever written. Currently, The Pixies' Letter to Memphis. If anyone was at that show or has the second song downloaded from that concert, I'd love to hear what the second song is. Or if anyone has any funny second songs they can think of, that'd be cool to hear to. Radiohead isn't a particularly sexy band.
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