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  1. it's 2020. radiohead are immoral, racist, misogynist bastards, mt is dead, and the world is burning down.
  2. I only party sad. and I only dance weird. I'll take 50 copies.
  3. To My Friends Downtown We live in a desert called Los Angeles and we're all just looking for water. Some throats are so parched only the words, "L" and "A" escape. We live in a desert L.A. and we're all just looking for water. They paved over all the sand decades ago. somehow we still taste it in the back of our throats. We live in a desert called L.A. and stand on street corners shouting "Hey Buddy!" but they pass by with sealed steel bottles. we only ask for a small pour if they're ever dehydrated enough to stop. a long time ago someone said th
  4. Nightshift is my favorite song at the moment.
  5. maybe gloomy in a Slowdive sort of way, but it's that kind of gloominess that cheers me up. as for that ending, it's a little difficult to put my finger on, but I was imagining an ending that sounded like a crashing wave that gets all louder and abruptly ends. the ending as is just feels like that keyboard is doing a little noodling on its own and then ends by itself when the whole track should've come together to end. if that makes sense? I hate focusing on this one aspect, but as you said you were working on it (not sure if it's finished now?) that would be my only note. my main take away is
  6. I dig it, man. the vocals are kind of hypnotic and inviting. and from what I can tell, I like the lyrics. the drumbeat sounds drunken, I like it quite a bit. strings fit in well here. well done! that lead on the end needs some better production in my opinion though. they're a little tinny. perhaps like, more reverb? maybe? I don't know.
  7. very nice, ms. gnogghi! I liked hearing this version of it being familiar with the older, shall we say, demo? the ending feels somewhat unfinished, to be honest. but I love what you've done with the track. from kind of a harsh strum on an acoustic to a warm hug around the ears with this take.
  8. yeah, great energy, but no new Ed songs. C'mon. Bring the Radio Ed, guys. Let him open.
  9. I got sick ): and James and I are kind of out of touch. we were communicating mainly through FB messenger, and I just threw FB in the trash because that's where it deserves to be, ha. anyway, we should definitely do this. we just gotta work on the same schedule y'know.
  10. listening now. are you a lurker here? what brought you to MT? anyway, decent song. not too crazy about the vocals. you do kinda sound like a muppet, lol. reminds me of this band kind of local to the SF bay area, "Okay". Grrrrreeaat band. This is a busy song. Lot of layers. Did you record and produce everything? anyway, great job!
  11. hmm. it's good, but you need to fire it up more in my humble opinion. it's not uh... it doesn't demand my attention enough.
  12. How much are tickets gonna be? $5K? I’ll buy 10.
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