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  1. it's 2020. radiohead are immoral, racist, misogynist bastards, mt is dead, and the world is burning down.
  2. yeah, great energy, but no new Ed songs. C'mon. Bring the Radio Ed, guys. Let him open.
  3. How much are tickets gonna be? $5K? I’ll buy 10.
  4. word on the street after '18 ends will be, "Radiohead? That band with the two singers?"
  5. Ed O'Brien opening for: RADIOHEAD PLAYS RADIO'ED
  6. turns out they've been practicing Ed's solo album as a full band comprised entirely of the old boys from Radiohead plus that singer from Belly.
  7. I still wish I could hear the album Ed would've wanted the band to write after OK Computer. The one full of fully-accessible 3 minute pop songs.
  8. must have been said before, but: Jonny's preferred instrument for AMSP: The Conductor's Baton. He's pretty damn good at it, I'd say.
  9. Cindy and I are going to try for either Santa Barbara, Berkeley, or Portland. good luck to all of us!
  10. Nope. I read a quote from thom that he intended to sell it as a double but tge label balked at the idea for commercial reasons.
  11. In Rainbows next, OK Computer in full after, then Kid A followed by Amnesiac (recorded at the same time and intended to be a double-album), then The Bends to break up the dark mood, straight back to the darkness and claustrophobia with Hail to the Thief, then King of Limbs, then a smattering of B-Sides including: worrywort Fog (full band, not the solo piano) Lewis (Mistreated) Permanent Daylight India Rubber Killer Cars (if you liked The Bends) Talk Show Host A Reminder Polyethylene (parts 1 & 2) How I Made My Millions The Amazing Sounds of Orgy Gagging Order Harry Patch (In Memory Of) These Are My Twisted Words Supercollider (if you liked Kid A/King of Limbs) The Butcher (if you liked Kid A/King of Limbs) Follow the b-sides with Thom's solo albums, The Eraser and Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, and maybe Phil Selway's solo albums. Then Pablo Honey.
  12. I don't know where any of these places are. way to live up to american stereotypes.
  13. all I can say is, when I woke up that morning and checked my phone, I cried. unbearably sad.
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