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  1. I think Ed's a huge U2 fan, I think Thom likes them also and I'm pretty sure I read somewhere the band are into Sigur Ros. Oh and Nirvana too
  2. Count me in! If I'm not too late...
  3. Yes, I agree, definetly Dollars and Cents.
  4. I'm a huge Radiohead fan and I still think Creep is one of their best songs, I personally don't see how you can hate it and like other Radiohead songs as a lot of The Bends has hints of Creep throughout.
  5. Probably not since... there are no guitars in it O-o
  6. Motion Picture Soundtrack obviously: I will see you in the next life
  7. I dont think a full band version of TLW exists...
  8. I voted 2+2=5 but thats because I didnt see the other thing. I agree with The Gloaming.
  9. HTDC but like what others have said these songs arent depressing, they are sad.
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