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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOM!!!! (hope you get so pissed that you start posting new material for LP8 and upload the whole damn album so we can all celebrate!)
  2. I did say that it was ONE OF THE FIRST SONGS that i listened to when i first got into radiohead so i was unfamiliar with thom's lyrics. anyway, first impressions are the ones that always last forever even when it is about hearing lyrics for the first time.
  3. "with a gun and a pack of sandwiches" was ALWAYS the lyric that made me ask 'wtf?' i remember when i first got into radiohead this was one of the first songs i heard and i always thought thom was a murderous crack fiend. and i agree with "i don't want to be your friend, i just want to be your lover"
  4. I am so enthralled in the topic of the IR analysis that i really have the need to listen to that whole album again. ..on another note, i always thought that last flowers was about a person, in his golden years, growing older and feeling more insignificant in the world. Basically, about retirement and people becoming older and feeling more useless with age and not being able to keep up with the world around them: appliances have gone bizzerk, i cannot keep up (picture an old man, outside his English home watching the world around him. He has come to the realization that technology is too a
  5. oh thom.... http://justjared.buzznet.com/2009/03/20/thom-yorke-shirtless/comment-page-2/
  6. oh philly! finally got a good push in the right direction to venture off and experience a life without radiohead...good for him. ...just finish LP8 first.
  7. to get back on topic...that shit bothers me too!!!
  8. wow...best quote ever. but yes i do think that LP8 won't be out until next year AT LEAST....however RH may try out another tour hopefully....just like IR pre-days.
  9. how has nude not come up yet? anyway nude and electioneering:smoke_coo
  10. oh lupe,you just shat all over all radiohead fans with this foul attempt of a tribute...i hope you are happy. what ever happened to this lupe
  11. i love IR it digs right into my very soul =) especially nude... but i know where some of you are coming from...the album compared to the live vids definitely do not do justice...especially nude thats why i made it a rule to avoid youtubing new songs at all costs b4 IR came out...and that shit was hard to do =(..but well worth it. btw nude is one of the sexieest song ever:smoke_coo
  12. this dude needs to find a hobby... besides youtubing creep
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