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  1. ah, you bastards. be nice to the noobs. god, you're like children.
  2. Mine has to be House of Cards. It makes me feel like I'm lying in the middle of the ocean on a warm breezy day, the tropical air....ahh yes. you?
  3. this is the closest thing I have to a drawing.
  4. thanks. I spent like, a whole ten minutes making it on ms paint
  5. because I suck at guitar and it's easy D: I'm actually not doing it for my final project' date=' just something to do during class.[/size']
  6. I'm in guitar class at school (yes, it's awesome) aaand I'm playing No Surprises go me.
  7. ell-en

    A painting..

    yeah well it was a good attempt.
  8. photography thread. the long one. motherfucker.
  9. hee hee hee. I was listening to the cardigans "lovefool" whilst watching that. quite entertaining, I must say. It made me giggle more.
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