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  1. whats our reasoning for this? one month anniversary of album? full moon?
  2. treefingers through morning bell rocks my socks off. thats like, an excellent chunk of kid A. but the bends chunk you put up i usually find myself skipping.
  3. ims menoo is literally 90% of what i cling to in regards to all of this. IT HAS TO MEAN SOMETHING *cries*
  4. pablo honey doesn't fit my theme. of depression. anyone can play guitar street spirit no surprises motion picture sound track pyramid sonG i will videotape codex gagging order /playlist /your life but seriously, my faves, which make zero sense as a playlist... stop whispering: great vocals /FPT/airbag/HTDC/knives out/scatterBrain/15 step/lotus
  5. so unless something happens by midnight PST, i'm guessing we were all wrong on the semi moon ims menoo stuff. feck.
  6. i'm loving how mooks got votes. i added liam as well. .......................... i made this poll as a joke ................... crickets ......................
  7. well done on the blog... yr helping me keep my hopes up.
  8. also, screw the new album. i want a webcast. and a tour. asap
  9. we all bust our loads whenever thom goes acoustic or piano. thus we love TLW. but its on effing live album what the fuck you jerks, its not going to get a studio release EVER TO THE EXTREME OMG TKOL PART 2 WILL BE EVERY RADIOHEAD SONG EVER WITH JUST THOM ON ACOUSTIC GUITAR
  10. i think all the hype/secret messages were just signaling that thom was gonna dj in la.
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