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  1. I couldn't care less about who has the better argument on why Radiohead is revolutionary or not, because I just like to listen to and make music instead of being a hobby music historian, but it is just ridiculous to call Sam out after doing the same you do, just with a different stance.
  2. well not only that, you are also apparently being a hardass about how a band isn't good if its objective achievements aren't revolutionary: what does this post imply but that Sam is trying to tell you that Radiohead isn't good because it isn't revolutionary? but if doesn't imply that, then it is even dumber because then you are bitching about him explaining why radiohead isn't revolutionary. and countless discussion which were exactly the same except with bleesh instead of sam and that all have infinitively long posts by you listing why Radiohead is objectively great for objective reasons can show that yes, you are being a hardass about RH's objective achievements. Sam, not only did you claim that Radiohead isn't revolutionary, you even tried to explain why. And you responded to each line of Penny's counterarguments and turned out to believe in such a thing as objective achievements as well, which means that the discussion might even make sense. you poor little fucker, trying to make Penny sad by disagreeing with him!
  3. Radiohead is not just good, they are objectively good, and if you only like them out of your lame subjective enjoyment, you are not only wrong and a killjoy but you also hate babies. be ashamed of yourself, sam.
  4. I think coldplay is incredibly revolutionary....post the song before clocks where Chris Martin sings about ticking clocks over a song built around a repeating piano riff that features a minimalist soundscape of drums and bass with an apllied ostinato and a descending scale on the piano chord progression, which switches from major to minor chords, don't just annihilate all the potential subtleties of a discussion by hovering so far above the discussion that everything is just like 'antique electronic piece' or 'Warpesque techno rhythm'.
  5. the first documentary about tibet that is scored like an episode of The O.C.
  6. Called to mind a stampede of our savior's apostles Be sure not to let the nose worms bite
  7. will it live up to the expectations he built up over the years? will it indeed be the best music of all time?
  8. he above the rest in shape and gesture proudly eminent stood like a Tower Prosper our colours in this dangerous fight!
  9. well he has the potential of making and posting music. that potential has always been obviously there, because he always talked about it.
  10. Out-flew millions of flaming swords, drawn from the thighs Awake, arise, or be for ever fall'n.
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