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  1. thanks guys. hope you enjoy it. and BigFish, you're likely to be the first person to hear it in its entirety, other than me. congratulations edit: i just myspace-messaged Leafcutter John, saying that i'd thoroughly value his opinion on it. ...
  2. Edinburgh. The Liquid Room would be heavenly. except the million or so RH fans in there would get crushd to death because of the venue's smallnessness.
  3. tea_cosy


    the other Moon Feta thread seems to have gone... so: FRIGHT MASK! my fourth album in the last six months, i believe. i really painted myself into a niche of niches this time - it's something along the lines of noise-folktronica. i like it. it's kind of spooky. anyway, download it to your heart's content. i'm goin' away, so feel free to leave any feedback on my myspace. cheerio. (myspace flyer)
  4. amazing video as soon as the Aphex logo appears on the side of the limousine, i get shivers of creepiness.
  5. i'm pleased to see so much Gondry in there. most of my favourite videos were in, i suppose. pity about the absence of anything by Woof Wan Bau.
  6. those are my favourites. i love the lo-fi quality to the colour. the way it's sort of faded but unnaturally bright.
  7. so it's not like some sort of metaphor then. gosh. how boring.
  8. wow. that's probably one of my favourites of any of his work, although i suppose it was taken by someone else. but it's an amazing portrait of a complete genius. completely sums him up.
  9. really?? i don't remember hearing him say that. actually, it was "you'd better fucking behave, alright".
  10. "woah, calm down, there's people getting hurt down there. you've come to the wrong gig if you want to do that. if you want to bond with your fellow man, there's clubs round the corner for that sort of thing. ...shit, now where do we pick this up??"
  11. it's your band isn't it, Raindrops?? isn't it??
  12. they've both got an incredibly cold feel. on first listen they're pretty inaccessible.
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