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    climbing up the mother fucking bitch niggers
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    richard and linda thompson, brian eno, super furry animals, roxy music, sonic youth, caravan, beatles etc
  1. holy mother of god morning bell. im fairly certain words cant describe morning bell and do it any juctice. thoms sounds so detached like hes singing but hes not singing from within his body stuck in an eternal k hole. then you got two amazing climaxes to choose from and there is so increbily much shit going on in the first climax leadin up to 'cut the kids in half' and then the latter vocals sound like a deranged thom who has completely lost it now, so entirely destraught from everything thats happen and its just over theres no saving. vocal samples ripple above like waves wash
  2. upload to a photobucket account, click the little mountain on your reply to thread screen and paste the link in there
  3. mps - harp, organ, toms voice eeirp - electric piano, thoms voice, maybe some ondes and some vocal effects
  4. id be willing to argue that okc relies more on electronics than kid a. though kid a does have one completely electronic track and one mostly electronic track the rest are almost entirely real instruments
  5. mithrandir, i have to come to inform that it would be in your greatest interest to show nothing but complete undivided affection for tired eyes. consider yourself warned
  6. im with manpanther on this one. you fuckin noobs bneed to recognize a cool new person when they come around keep posting tired eyes, we like you
  7. i dunno, i had a hard time coming up with five songs post pablo that i dont like
  8. what like 60 years tops? most any forties or earlier music has floated into relative obscurity
  9. no surprises, awatd, kid a, karma police
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