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  1. just go to victoria coach station (which is right next to victoria park) and look for the radiohead bus which will take you to the gig (right next to the coach station) that's what i'm doing
  2. can't be arsed because Manchester is a shit hole
  3. It's the fact that it was cut short for the fucking lottery that irritated me, and another advert for doctor who immediately after a 45 minute doctor who advert. There really are some fannies in charge of the bbc
  4. lol at myxamatosis (it's myxomatosis) and polyethalene (it's polyethylene) and you and who's army (it's you and whose army) good post though
  5. I could do a better job than his fuckwit mute 5 year old son, I hate that little bastard
  6. I wish there was a *PUNCH THE AIR* emoticon
  7. This stings because I actually quite enjoy In Rainbows, then this guy comes along and starts abusing an album that I like. See? The result is hurt and pain. Please leave us alone, please stop being unpleasant about music we like because it's hurtful. Thanks
  8. It arrived in the Falklands three weeks ago, you're being fucking screwed son.
  9. haha lily allen made a witty remark regarding in rainbows, i bet that stung.
  10. I can't focus properly on the content of this thread due to some whack-ass LCD I just popped, I'm fucking flying man.
  11. 4 Minute Warning is fucking shite and shouldn't have made the album PEACE!
  12. Leave them in the Discbox and leave that on a shelf somewhere.
  13. Screw this talk, Swindon 2 Hartlepool 1 WE ARE FITTON'S RED AND WHITE ARMY.
  14. anybody else noticed they're fucking impossible to get back into the box?
  15. last year = 2,000 per show available this year = 40,000 per show available
  16. Best crowds isn't something I'd be gloating about after Meadowbank, a bunch of coked up neds moshing to Morning Bell. Thankfully the 45 quid tickets should price out those dickheads
  17. Driving in the UK is a really, really miserable experience, fuel is going to be frighteningly expensive to an American, it's shocking enough for us. The drive between London and Manchester is also especially miserable, lots and lots of congestion, fairly dull scenery occasionally interrupted by a shithole like Birmingham or Stoke. I'd go by train to Manc and Glasgow from London but it might be worth hiring a car in Manchester for the drive north as it's a far more pleasant, scenic trip than the grind through the miserable Midlands.
  18. they also only have a sense of humour when arsefaced
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