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    Nothing else can be good after I discovered radiohead but I like the genre of Indie Hip-Hop the best. Big up Phi Life Cypher and Quantic!!!
  1. It's all right. It's all wrong. Just saying the words. Thinking of how they collide and change. The boys have done it. They've made their best. I Love you.
  2. Don't diss Electro Music, it's music in it's truest form, where the artist creates the sound, the environment it is heard within and the tune. It is pure sonic sculpture! Anyway, most electro artists (including Radiohead) have a VERY busy time when performing live! Jonny as u know loves his synths and they require a huge amount of skills. Not only must you play the tune, but you must program and create sounds beforehand, filter sweep and modulate, pitch bend, modify the ADSR etc. all in real time. Alose most electro artists will play some loops and beats seperatly (as in on a seperate sequence), syncing in real time which requires DJ and audio engineering skills and alot of practice. But yes. He could just load an instrumental into itunes and press play. That's what i'd do.
  3. Okay. Now i don't like the "e" word anymore than the rest of you. But it's just something that's been blowing around in my head for a few months. If I remember rightly the term "emo" was around long ago and was used to describe overtly emotional white-boy music, with none of this punk-rock derived skater goth rubbish it is assosciated with now. Radiohead is as far as I am concerned "emo" music, when it is defined correctly. I actually feel quite offended that a replicated Blink-182 riff with a crying lead singer even denotes a new genre. I think radiohead fans everywhere, despite our natural love of their ambiguity, desire the word "emo" to catagorise them. Thom and Jon have both sported side-fringes or mop hairstyles, and whilst this is standard fare for most boys these days, it is the main criteria for the "e" word - with the current understanding of the word based on superficial fashion symbols. This is more than a campaign for an obnoxious piece of slang to regain relevance, it is a fight for the real emotion portrayed in Radiohead to become synonomous with the "emo concept." A title currently awarded to derivative, rejection-laden punk muck that deserves little more than a good kick in the face.
  4. that was really cool, I had a good sing along to it. i think you're crayyyyyyyyyyyyzyyyyyyyy mayyyyyyyyyybeee!!!! good job. MPS is GOD
  5. I think that apple logo is a bit cliche. Like what we said before. However, Thom can pull it off. And he could pull off a popped collar too you wingers, if he wanted. God has these abilities you see. ps. Marry me Tom.
  6. If anyone cares, I remastered the Paranoid Android remix: http://www.mp3.com.au/track.asp?id=125736 It sounds alot more like a dance song now (909 hi-hat, better doof, a little bit faster and more compression). Enjoy or ignore!!!!
  7. That first list, well after Let Down, was all wrong!!!! BOOO I HATE YOU
  8. Yeah 2+2=5 is their best opening track, but as far as an opening "vibe" is concerned, Planet Telex is probably better. Then again, how can you get more "opening track" than the sound of a plugging in guitar. You understand what i mean however. 1. 2+2=5 2. Planet telex 3. Everything in it's Right place (because it is so utterly the apitome of the Kid A "wierdness") 4. Airbag (even though it is a better song in its own right than all previous 3) 5. can't think of one, Pakt like Sardines is pretty bad and well Pablo Honey...can't say. By the way, Motion Picture soundtrack... DEFINATLY THE BEST ALBUM ENDER EVER!!!!!! I love you Radiohead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hey Jacob, I love your Fake plastic Trees - your voice has all the charisma and androgynous wierdness that I love about Thom's. You gave the song a slick pop-laidback feel, like a Norah Jones number, and it was realy enjoyable. Thanks for that!
  10. Now we all love this song, that goes without saying, but don't we all like techno too? Well maybe we don't. But here it is anyway: http://www.mp3.com.au/track.asp?id=125736 I made the track with Reason 3, it isn't very well mastered but gives an idea of what could be done by Paul Van Dyk if he tried. Take the time to listen to the whole track, it more or less goes through every movement the original does. PS. I love the acoustic Idioteque!!!! Very well done (even for a kiwi)!!!
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