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  1. http://web.archive.org/web/19980120102733/www.radiohead.com/rad030.html AAARGH
  2. http://www.stage6.com/Flaming-Lips-And-Other-Smouldering-Organs/video/1049913/The-Flaming-Lips---Breathe-(Live) Don't get.
  3. Wow. Thom does sound exactly like that guy when he sings nude. I will never look at nude the same way again.
  4. Songs are nice but I miss radiohead. I miss grandiosity. In the end, this is of course an amazing album, but that's not what I love about radiohead. I love how epic radiohead is. It's not just pretty, it is an amazing fucking journey that you will never forget. It is Mother fucking 2+2=5 and paranoid android and dollars and cents. I love radiohead because when I walk down the street I hear the bassline of the national anthem. I hear the third verse vocals of let down. I hear the ass ripping guitar solos of paranoid android. I hear space and time being ripped apart. I miss seeing my un
  5. The email says codes will go out in the morning. 9 or 10 am? What do you suppose it means?
  6. http://boards.radioheadlp7.com/cgi-bin/YaBB2/YaBB.pl Who predicted a forum?
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