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  1. Hey... Seeing this now.. Im an infrequent visitor to the site these days.. Personally, I'd love to see that if you still have it.. That gig was a big deal for me back then naturally..
  2. You know i once thought that too... but then i saw them play let down live(think it was in Hammersmith or Malahide not sure) and I have to say was strangely let down(couldnt resist). there's a reason they don't play it live. It doesn't seem to work as well as on the album.... I also remember them playing it in Galway in 96, but then it was a new song and a didn't know what to make of it. one of my favourite Radiohead songs....off hand I cant think of much to beat it.....
  3. for anyone who's interested here's a link you can download an mp3 - http://www.music.princeton.edu/~paul/radiohead.ml.html
  4. its interesting about Idioteque ranking so highly i recently came across a composer called 'Lansky' i think he's called - Idioteque is based around four chords that Radiohead sampled from one of his works - check it out it'll be there on the credits of kid A. for that reason i wouldnt be so sure its their most visionary... altho its still mega,
  5. I think there;s loads of detail/ texture in this album listen to arpeggi, its amazing( three mins in when it goes into the underwatery sounding bits for example.....) in fact i think one reason that the album is so strong is because of the production, part of that js knowing when to keep things simple and it works really well...
  6. I agree wtih this sentiment wholeheartedly Theres something about this album that really knocked me for six when i heard it. Fantastic, reminds me of why i fell in love with the band in the first place all those years ago... Its like Radiohead's lullabies album (but in a good way,if that makes any sense) And I think in time it'll be recognised as a classic, up there with the very best any band has had to offer - not just Radioheads back catalogue... whoever said the album format is dead eh>?
  7. ah ... i just read this from the confirmation email "If your tickets are to be posted then we will get them to you as soon as we can but, in certain circumstances, you may not receive them until two weeks before the show date" so im not as worried now.
  8. I bought two tickets for Radiohead in Dublin on the 24th, back in march or whenever it was I Still haven't recieved them from waste. Im wondering is this normal, or should i start getting worried? has anyone else here been sent out tickets for shows later this month from waste i hope not.
  9. well he did say "up until amnesiac" so he was talking about hail to the thief and the new stuff methinks, maybe eraser too.
  10. i agree a little bit.. There were parts of HTTT that i found quite tuneless really. - go to sleep and backdrifts being the chief culprits. But im okay with that - i think its obv enough Their songwriting talents arent quite as strong as in their prime - but name an artist/musician that hasn't happened to over time - there are only a very few. having said that i still think the new material is fantastic
  11. some guy posted on the atease site asking for a YSI link and was told "Go Fuck Yourself". is this atease speak for "hello, how are you?"
  12. listened to myspace emo sluts. i like it. the title reminds me of an ad i saw for a band in my local guitar store. went something like ..... singer wanted for band. influenced by Sepultura, Megadeth, Pantera,etc. NO EMO FAGS need apply!!! i got a good laugh out of that.
  13. we went into a place to record two songs - the day after a musical marathon that consisted of seeing radiohead in London on thursday - then three day music festival - ATP in england. this is how one of the songs turned out. not quite how i had imagined it but to hell with it. http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=4D377CBD2976D0D8
  14. im going to be ignorant and only talk about gigs ive been to - here's my top 5. DEc 2003 - final gig of the year in point theatre Dublin june 1996 - Galway big day out. july 1997 Dublin - week before the glastonbury gig may2005 olympia dublin may2006 hammersmith Apollo london i found it ironic that the best time ive seen radiohead was in the worst venue - (the point theatre - a hellhole), they were at the end of a year of touring though which might explain it they had everything down to a T.
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