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  1. i havent followed the tour yet actually. so for me this is news ! great to hear it's a regular
  2. yes i would take it down. we are better than The Sun.
  3. can you hear the mumbling ? it's worse than a shadowy downtown bar with that old lady singing shit blues and begging people to clap.
  4. Q: What happen if someone in front of me talks during the encore ? A: you follow him home, post letters everyday, send him creepy phone calls, say hello to his childrens, follow her wife at the food store, etc, until he commit suicide.
  5. i hope the hundreds talking during the tourist feel good about themselves because they.will.be.raped
  6. probably already said, but the stage looks amazing.
  7. i can't see how the pope have a big impact nowaday. McCain is just a candidate, he hasn't done much yet to have a worlwide influence. Look how society transformed with printing's invention, art distribution is something quite important. the whole web 2.0 is a huge change in the world of communication, and Radiohead is arguably the artist who best used it, surely best exposed the possibility of this new reality. this is to me, much more important than the less interresting presidential campaign of a single country. there is some flaws in the list (i personnaly hate lists), but it'
  8. err they are just considering what was influental or not. and pop culture is. John McCain is still just a candidate that hadn't gathered much media attention outside of the us. What Radiohead did was a worldwide signal to art's distribution that had tangible echoe in the public's eye. Putting the pope there would be redundant.
  9. you guys underestimate Beckham's importance in the world. he is a hero to so many. surely much more than Radiohead.
  10. as the son of a neuroscientist, good to see Taylor in there too.
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