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  1. weird, but this should be interesting with Del Naja also contributing I wonder if they are for it or against it
  2. AMOK is hardly ground breaking considering the talent behind it - the Eraser (album) had better basslines and Flea wasn't involved I love Homogenic, probably the last Bjork album I consider quality as a whole from her their two recent outings are just ho hum in my eyes...unfortunately Thom should call Amon Tobin
  3. I can't put my finger on it and sadly both haven't kept my interest, but there's this feeling I get when listening to Thom and Bjork's stuff interesting but quickly forgettable is my take - I've hardly listened to Biophilia and AMOK much - and if I do I find myself skipping too many songs to consider the albums a solid effort I do have to admit Bjork's evolution is a bit more intriguing with her persistence in experimentation not to mention their dancing... maybe seeing them live would rejuvenate my love for them
  4. just kidding, I love the song more than my mom
  5. one of their best driving songs - especially through a foggy night
  6. having listened to this a couple times my enthusiasm for it runs parallel to TKOL it's ok, not really keeping me interested though... makes me sad a little
  7. trippy, I like the sink and the knees
  8. and you didn't even need a quarter *high five*
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