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  1. I Might be Long Bloodysnatches Nude Videotape Black Star The Tourist Barehag Lewis Mistreated You Never Wash Up After You Come
  2. It's not really about grammar, it's about saying that modifying incorrect? How can you less or more incorrect? Think of the word and what it means, implicitly. You can not be basically incorrect any more than you can be just plain correct. But The Bends is still a piece of shit, and that is basically my opinion.
  3. Get your tongue out of my arse, you pretentious load of horse jizz.
  4. You cannot precede "incorrect" with an adverb and not be a cockhead.
  5. I didn't say I dislike it, I said it's a piece of shit. It's not antipathy, it's piece of shit.
  6. How is it incorrect to state an opinion you moron? I bet you say things like "suck your teenage thumb" to your little brother and think you're so fucking special. No wait, you're more modest than that. Spiky little shy thing? You're a goddamn joke.
  7. You're so cute, I wanna like pinch your cheeks. Then bludgeon you to death with the Deftones' singer's rigid corpse.
  8. you guys are a pack of fucking morons I bet Ed and Jonny hold hands and point at laugh at your inadequete posts and speculate as to your penis sizes you stupid twats
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