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  1. If it has Skirting on the surface, I will be complete.
  2. Well im back to say this. Radiohead are awesome. Thank you for Lift you bastards!
  3. Ful stop and Identikit are filed under the "Sit down , Stand up" like Radiohead songs. There is good music and structure there , you just gotta look real hard.
  4. Who the fuck talked shit about the guitar in Derricks Dark?
  5. Homesick got some play last time around right? That would be sick.
  6. I just want my god damn shitty feed and barely audible songs! The great thing about "I froze up" is that its the fucking worst recording in the history of music.
  7. Yea but why did they stop doing these? In rainbows got some proper ones but nothing since. I feel like its right in their comfort zone to do something obscure like that.
  8. Seems like this could be a thing. Doesn't it?
  9. Vegetable is underrated, awesome solo. Someone coulda convinced me that Richard Marx wrote I cant Shouldn't they still play "You" live?
  10. 81!!! jeezuz I think ive probably properly listened to it about maybe 20 times, I dont know
  11. Album is becoming an obsession now. I now prefer headphones, but I do not hate anything on it. It also achieves being a collective piece unlike TKOL which felt more scattered. I stopped listening to radiohead for about a year before this. Now I am going back and revisiting everything. It is lovely to hear cutooth again:)
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