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  1. woah, can anyone get verification on this, how do you know this is from the there will be blood soundtrack? :jonny2:hehe
  2. I agree, quite a waste of time! let's go home, and never return
  3. your accurate and educated opinion is none other than complete shite. Your complete idolization of a band and the fact that you hold them in supremacy over any other form of music out there is utter shite. you dismiss other "inferior" forms of music on the grounds that nothing can reach the ultimate perfect status of Radiohead yet, you inquire whether anything can reach that status. therefore your argument is circular and you are egocentric and presumptuous in your taste of music. Extend a value for which you base your definition of good music and also provide a definition of utter shite, plea
  4. are you actually going to try to make a mash up or are we just discussing? cause i'd like to hear what someone has done with it all
  5. actually i hope it goes towards a new orchestral piece because regardless there is going to be a string arrangement for nude or some piece on lp7, but this is incentive for jonny to write something for orchestra, and that's what i'm looking for yay
  6. drunkk machine > jetstream > iluvya > rat's nest
  7. here you go http://download.yousendit.com/87A917C232DE871D
  8. i have a guitar, i believe radiohead uses those on a less silly note, i have a whammy, sweet pedal, and a boss super overdrive.
  9. it would be too big edit: too big to sell, but not big enough for me
  10. haha, five little guys taht do a lot of moaning and groaning
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