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  1. Scored! Pretty close to the stage though it might be kind of an awkward spot on the side. Jonny side, though!
  2. oh wow this may be be my chance to see this band finally. It's on ticketmaster in 3 days. is it gonna sell out in .4 seconds or do I have a chance of getting tickets on general sale?
  3. from hawaii earlier this month
  4. Seattle area. There's some nice stuff to look at around here This is looking at the glaciers of Mt. Rainier from a smaller peak several miles away, so it wasn't cold or snowy where I was standing. Second pic is looking towards Mt. Adams from the same spot. 3rd pic is Seattle/Lk Washington. 4th is just in the woods nearby.
  5. I got a little compact zoom camera last month and I've trying to do some photos. It's really relaxing
  6. i'm thinking AMSP is gonna fall a bit short of In Rainbows for me. IR still brings the tunes. Just heard Jigsaw again, forgot how good that was.
  7. obviously the two tracks are going to be multi-part prog epics. because of course this band would never waste usable disc space. on a deluxe box set no less
  8. suck blood is decent but it should have been better. the chorus melody is good. yeah basically when the uptempo part crashes and it goes back to a sloowww verse it ruins the whole thing. if they would have kept up the momentum with the drums and figured out how to transition that into an uptempo chorus through to the end--that could have been a great song.
  9. Pool is a village that was shaped by the moon i.e. it was founded by moon worshipers, i.e. pagans, i.e. witches. It's about a village and witch hunts, or some such. See: vid for Burn the Witch
  10. You know what, everyone's been parsing the album title incorrectly. There is no hyphen to form the modifier "moon-shaped" therefore it should be read as a complete sentence. A Moon(subject) Shaped(past-tense verb) Pool (direct object). Either that or it's just an example of Thom's disdain for conventional punctuation.
  11. First impressions: So overall, the mellowest, softest sounding album yet, am I right? And most overtly beautiful, maybe. Present tense: my most anticipated studio track ever probably, so huge expectations. I was hoping this would have one of the big orchestral moments. this version works well enough because the song is still great. true love waits: hard to imagine how i would feel if this were totally new to me, but it's such an old familiar song, this version feels sort of extraneous here. imo identikit turned out well. love the high vocals. full stop: meets expectations, goo
  12. I got my email confirmation where's my download link?! EDIT: ok it took a couple minutes
  13. google play link is down? did they realize their mistake and take it off?
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