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  1. Oh man, that was great. 13/13. I was on my phone, so kept the screen scrolled so the multiple choice answers were out of frame. Not sure if the order is random, but definitely hit a difficulty spike on the last 3. The one with the camel stumped me for a while, but got it. Had to break down and look at the multiple choices for the swimmer and the flexing arm. Think those two were the hardest leap to turn into phrases. Super fun. Good find.
  2. Add one more for Ful Stop. I already know it's my favorite, but even if I didn't, there are some pretty good tells for me: I always have to turn the volume on my headphones up at least 2 clicks when it comes on (because louder is better) If my train ride / walk / waiting for someone / etc. is cut shorter than expected, I will skip tracks to get to Ful Stop faster Occasionally, I will play it 2-3 times in a row. Because. Because of points 2 and 3, it is my most-listened to track on the album
  3. I was just waiting 5 years for Not-TKOL Studio Version Follow-up, so I got exactly what I wanted. *Sorry. Double-post due to mobile version.
  4. I was just waiting 5 years for Not-TKOL Studio Version Follow-up, so I got exactly what I wanted.
  5. Man, regardless of whether this is Radiohead's "best" album or not, it is definitely their most beautiful, intimate, and personal album. Super lush. Really good stuff. Side note. If you think Identikit's vocals are off, you just lack a bit of rhythm or are confused on where the beat starts. Sorry. Same technique was kinda used on The Butcher (song starts on off beat, lyrics start on actual beat, your brain transitions) among other songs out there in the world.
  6. This. I've been thinking this since BTW dropped. The alternate reality could even go back as far as OKC, I think.
  7. You have to sign in to your Apple ID from the iTunes store. Then it will let you right click "Get Album Artwork" and it will automatically download the correct one. I couldn't get it to work by manually adding the file from my computer for some reason. This works.
  8. I really like it. Reminds me of the Ether Festival version of Arpeggi from like, '05 in a way. When I first heard that, I thought Radiohead were going into a certain direction that never came to pass. Seems like they're finally back on that path, and I'm pretty excited to hear it.
  9. Good points. Guess I'm just desperately anxious to get more tracks asap.
  10. So, you guys think they'll be releasing one track per day or per week or something until the album is "released"? Looks like that could be the strategy with the track list text.
  11. I'm getting slightly off-topic, but some years ago, Yorke said Dawn Chorus was his favorite song. All Radiohead closers are fairly strong, so a closer with Yorke's favorite would equal something pretty special. http://citizeninsane.eu/dawnchorus.html
  12. They've only done it twice, so maybe it's not really a pattern, but we are long overdue for an album named after a track. But then Dawn Chorus would have to be changed to Nearly Dawn... Which I guess loses the meaning of Dawn Chorus. And the more I type, the less likely it all seems.
  13. This is precisely why I really enjoy HTTT. This, and it's the only Radiohead album I could describe as "energetic" (with the exception of TKOL Live From the Basement). The slow stuff appealed to me more when I was younger, but I like more upbeat/schizophrenic/energetic stuff now. Or at least the electronic edge their newer slow songs incorporate.
  14. Man--I had no idea this many people hated Punch Up--I love that song (one of the few energetic, piano-based songs from Radiohead until DITNU came out). HTTT is always in the top three of an ever-changing mental "favorite Radiohead albums" list, but you could definitely trim some fat. I don't necessarily agree with the WSYB hate. I think what that song really needs is to treat the fast part like a chorus and do it twice (and end on it). That would totally save that song--which I don't much mind to begin with. But even as it sounds, I appreciate the small sliver of every enough to enjoy a li
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