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    how to disappear completely
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    kid a
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    explosions in the sky
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  1. kid a live is very energetic and upbeat ( i think ). same with 15 step.
  2. banana co. killer cars (live) gagging order faust arp bishops robes scatterbrain (acoustic) mornin mlord
  3. no this is both super massive and a blackhole its on wikipedia
  4. means youre fucking ****** and need to leave. god i hate ohio and everything that breathes in that place. the armpit of america.
  5. now that i think about it - i cant even remember the last time i listened to radiohead. im so burnt out on this band.
  6. doubtfully also, for some reason im not excited. or at least uncontrollably excited like i was for the last one. ill just wait until this one comes out and be like "oh, cool."
  7. prefix

    Jonny in colors

    what song is he playing. is it nude?
  8. honestly, jonny is the reason i like radiohead. listen to that. i wouldnt mind an album of that.
  9. i know jonny made it and everything but is there a full version somewhere? and if there is... does he have other music he is coming out like this? because its nice.
  10. i remember this one guy that did a fucking amazing rendition of lyin eyes by the eagles in this bar i was at one time. he kicked ass.
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