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  1. If anyone else (other than the admins of a Radiohead mb or Wonsaponatime) had said something like what you said in your statement, no one would blink an eye because they were asked to produce the quote. And sorry, but an album review is not proof of anything. The truth is that i didn't even read who posted that when I responded, but I still felt it was an inaccurate statement based on what I heard/read Thom said about the songs in the album. Still, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and just asked you to find the article/interview so I could hear that. I think ateasers would have caught that
  2. I still don't get why you'd assume these songs are considered 'Radiohead songs' by Thom.
  3. No, I'm not under that impression, but penny said there's a quote, and since I never heard it, I'd like to read/hear it. I already said why I'm interested. Don't get so defensive. I didn't say penny is absolutely wrong, just that I never heard that. And what I did read/hear contradicts what he said, so now I'm really curious. And by the way, I think I did hear and read every interview Thom made to promote his album.
  4. --http://www.citizeninsane.eu/t2006-08-21XFM.htm
  5. I agree with you. I can see how some songs that ended up being full band would've worked better done by just Thom or maybe Thom and Jonny. I guess that's what they're doing now.
  6. (Rolling Stone, june 1st 2006) I also remember an interview Thom did for radio where he mentioned Ed later told him that in the future Thom should go to the band instead of just writing off certain songs as stuff for him (thom) to do solo. I think later on (around the time In Rainbows was released) Thom and Ed did and interview and Ed stated the same thing. So I just assumed based on those interviews that Thom never approached the band about doing these. I'm sure at least two of them (Harrowdown Hill and Cymbal Rush) might have been heard by all the band before, since Cymbal Rush (in a pre
  7. Well, I'm not saying it's not possible, just that I don't remember ever reading that. So would that quote be from HTTT? Because, if so, he might have been talking about any songs and not exactly the stuff that ended up in The Eraser. http://www.citizeninsane.eu/anditrainedallnight.html (Rolling Stone, june 1st 2006)
  8. Well, it's sometimes mostly Thom and Jonny, but I think Colin plays a big role and so does Phil (at least in In Rainbows). And about The Eraser and what I said, I think it's supported by the fact that Ed said he wishes Thom would have tried to work on those songs with the band. If they'd already done that and failed at it, then what he said doesn't make any sense. And sorry for being so curious but I'm helping transcribe quotes about the songs and so stuff such as this is important for me to know. I guess I'll have to read and listen to everything once again. And I can understand why T
  9. The press section in citizeninsane for The Eraser doesn't seem to be up yet. Or do you mean something from the HTTT days? I'm just curious, that's all. I know that the music for the songs was already in existence from before--that I don't have doubts about--but I do doubt the band attempted the songs since they don't seem to have been fully formed songs until Thom and Nigel worked on them for his solo album. I mean, maybe they tried the bits on a computer, but I doubt they worked on them. I thought what Thom mentioned was that at that point (when he decided to do his solo album), he decided (n
  10. Well, it's entirely possible that they would've worked, but they worked out great done just by Thom. My point is that I think it's incorrect to state the band tried these songs out... especially since Thom wrote most of them 'off the cuff' in 2005 after he got together with Nigel to work on the music. He wasn't even thinking of doing vocals in them at that point. He did use some stuff he'd written during the band's hiatus in 2004, but I don't think the band actually tried working on any of these songs.
  11. Don't remember that... I do remember reading he didn't think the stuff in his solo album would work as whole band songs, but not that they actually worked on them full band.
  12. Really? I never read that. Quote? I know that he said in an interview that it didn't feel quite right to call it a solo album, because there is that cut up piano part in the title track, and there's something else he cut up from Radiohead that ended up in another song, but as far as I know, nothing about the band having tried the songs. But maybe there's something I missed, so please correct me if I'm wrong. As a matter of fact, I know Thom mentioned Ed was a bit upset because he felt the band could've done a good job on some of the songs, and Thom shouldn't have just decided some song
  13. So I guess I should start. Don't we all music as a means to escape from a reality we don't like? It seems like we humans can't truly enjoy things as they happen. We have to dissect them and analyse them until they truly become meaningless... we can't enjoy things as they happen. We are so afraid. I think this song is about escaping (through music) what we live in at the moment and expecting something better to come around. I do it every day on the bus to work. I listen to music and not so much think about what could have been and might be. Without hope we are lost.
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