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  1. wait? did everyone know this was happening? my timing is impeccable. i had no fucking clue this was happening, its like, fate or something totally whoa.
  2. This is the most academic post I have ever fucking seen here. What's your name son?
  3. Nothing. Buying mp3's with real money is like buying shit in World of Warcraft or some other equally gay shit. Totez Gay.
  4. I thought about that today. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't.
  5. Generally you have to listen to an album for awhile before you review it. But pitchfork reviewing this album is totally irrelevant. Everyone is gonna get it no matter what they say. Assuming that is, the true purpose of reviewing it is so that people either go out and buy it, or they dont.
  6. depends on what sound you're going for, personally, fender, but gibsons are great as well. soo...
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