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  1. Yo check out this saucy ass motherfucker
  2. So it's settled. Radiohead is a psychedelic band if you're tripping while listening to them.
  3. But only in a few threads and there are only a few instigators.
  4. See, this threads like this is why I can't come near GRT anymore.
  5. This is quite possibly the most inane thread created so far this year.
  6. I live in dinkytown, and seeing as it'll be a schoo lday for the u it might be less busy.
  7. IS IT NOT THAT, CLAIRE? no ihggy that sucks hope yr radiohead gear sells for a million dollars
  8. Prett sure that still exists too, but I'm a smart phone at some airport in kentucky so I can't show you where
  9. Fuck I'm in korea, shoulda flown over and I could report back to you guys.
  10. All anyone anywhere thinks about is business/money. Its about accepting that and forcing humanity out of them with copius amounts of booze.
  11. Weird this thread came up since I've never dreamt about radiohead before last night, even weirder since I haven't listened to radiohead in months. And even weirder, it involves coldplay I was at a coldplay concert for some reason at some fancy university, super crowded. Coldplay's entire set was basically radiohead covers, but they were absolutely amazing. I was stunned. and went out to this cool looking post modern pedestrian bridge, and thom yorke was standing there having a smoke. I didn't approach him, but this guy I've never seen before, must have been a concert organizer I Knew in dreamland, did know him. We chatted for a bit and he walked over to chat with thom. They went off to some after party. Anyways, concert ended, bunch of people I knew from high school were and I was drunk and made an ass of myself for some reason. The end. Strangest, most random dream I've ever had.
  12. that reminds me of that foreigner song more than anything
  13. this is the noobiest thread that ever noobed basicallly
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