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  1. the film that was gonna come out is available wherever you illegally download your films and it's pretty crazy that this was going to be like a major release because it's literally about "what if woody allen banged my underage daughter?" so you know, that would have been fun.
  2. although it's probably going to achieve is costing me 100 notes but a what a lovely, fluent hundred from cook. am absolutely not ready for him to go and hope it's just media bullshit. got to at least chase punter down on the all time list. has also made hundreds at the main 5 five aussie venues, got to be rare achievement for overseas player.
  3. gilchrist played all of his tests as keeper, who knows what he could have achieved without that burden.
  4. obviously going to be call for wholesale changes and i would say broad is probably most vulnerable if we try and blood some new quicks but one thing i would definitely do is say ok next two years jonny bairstow is not keeping. he's done a perfectly fine job but the stats show any keeper batter good enough to get in the team purely for batting does much better long term when relieved of the gloves. i mean if i told you England had a batsman in the 90s and early 2000s who put up stats of 3293 runs at an average of 46.70 in 51 matches you'd be all like why didn't that guy play more but then i would reveal that was alec stewart's stats when not keeping. just because jonny has done very well doing both doesn't mean he can't do better and if you think he is one of your top 5 batters it is just a waste of talent especially when england actually have a couple of ok options in that position. worst thing that can happen is it doesn't make any difference
  5. getting out of bed like that grandpa simpson gif
  6. no way we win, don't let yourselves get hurt. if you insist on setting your alarm like me put any money you can spare on Australia to soften the blow, no odds are too short.
  7. pretty fun that a wildly optimistic absolute best case scenario for england is going out on penalties to germany in the quarters.
  8. better off asking whether coach collingwood bought his kit. doomed.
  9. i made that bet just as it was clear stokes wasn't going anywhere and i was a little bit more optimistic after the warm up games but stoneman, vince and malan all making fifties first up was beyond my wildest dreams. embers of optimism.
  10. they're only giving you 9 to 1 now
  11. this is definitely advisable. if you get to 'no prayer for the dying' you've gone too far.
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