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  1. radiohead will definitely get in and of course are no brainer first ballot HOFers but the fact some of the older acts nominated are not in already is a disgrace and makes a mockery of the whole affair. i mean i'm sure even the most diehead of radioheaders would admit nothing the band has released stands up to odessy and the oracle or the cars s/t.
  2. I haven't had my replacement etickets either. maybe they're trying to replicate that county cricket atmosphere by not having anyone attend
  3. I mean 'Everything in Its Right Place'? I think we all know what they're talking about there.
  4. i always thought the overt zionist references in thom's lyrics was half the appeal of radiohead, surprised this is such big news to everyone
  5. i haven't instantly ordered the 100 quid mega box so am clearly not the fan boy i once was but i feel i will eventually. doing the calculations of money people owe me i can call in and that's nearly £100 so it's practically free.
  6. FAKE NEWS there is a cars live album you can get for RSD that is almost too good to be true but i can confirm it is legit
  7. i wouldn't categorise myself as any sort of audiophile but the newest xl reissues of kid a and amnesiac sound great to me, okc fine, the bends just ok. i also have a weird marbled pink edition of pablo honey (generally considered to be their best album) that i think is some sort of knockoff. €75, it's all yours.
  8. all vinyl releases of OKC are double LPs so it's actually got four sides, i bet you just have it on CD or even worse MP3 and are just trying to sound cool in which case that's pretty fucking lame bro now you just seem square. it has occurred to me as i am typing this that the cassette version is on two sides and so if you are talking about that i am really sorry and you must be hip as fuck if you have it on cassette (i have it on CD, vinyl and cassette and am super hip as fuck as you can probably tell), much love
  9. seen how much first class postage is these days, cunts would need serious fuck you money
  10. bought something in like july/august 2015 i think
  11. mine was postmarked yesterday, delivered today
  12. i got one of the notes, if anyone wants it please wire me €200 ono
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