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  1. yeah u probably talked about it several times but oh well , Iam just wondering if its actually a sad or a happy song ? - even though most radiohead songs are pretty depressing anyway or thats what most people think , but this song just got me currently its kinda my favorite song lately ( not all time fav though ^^ )
  2. true love waits knives out and uhm the trickster
  3. high and try vs pop is dead
  4. go to sleep vs backdrifts
  5. Everything In its Right Place vs nice dream
  6. Let down vs karma police
  7. idioteque vs let down
  8. myxomatosis vs airbag
  9. kid a vs myxomatosis
  10. Ye , I dont know why but I feel like its becoming my fav RH album
  11. kid a vs everything at its right place
  12. Another question : When does Thom yorke poop ?
  13. planet telex versus in limbo
  14. 2+2 = 5 vs where I end and you begin
  15. where I end and you begin vs No Surprises
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