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  1. music. though thom's lyrics can be fantastic--especially on kid a.
  2. actual news! yippee! i had to sign up for a friggen myspace acount to access this. it takes thirty seconds. i have a friend already. lol. interesting bit about rehearsing new material after the old songs. i guess the new are still fresh? does this mean...they are done? that's pretty much all the relevant rh stuff. he said he'd be in oxford for two weeks.
  3. doh! i thought they were talking about rh.com. thanks!
  4. i agree completely. capitalism is very flawed. very. but even in the US, people get exploited. not as bad as in other countries, though. it's the nature of the beast. but if you had to choose between the two, capitalism is superior. communism just doesnt work. kind of upsets me as an american to see you hope china will overtake the usa. i assume you're british. that might not work out so well for you if/when this happens. britian and the us have been linked for a long time. are you a communist, by any chance? if radiohead were to go to china, they wouldnt be allowed to play any songs! haha. if anyone in the government read the lyrics closely, that is.
  5. i remember sitting right near the stereo, my ear to the speaker, listening to you and whose army so intently that my friend asked if soemthing was wrong with me. unreal. all music is better when you're stoned. radiohead, though? forget it. you're on another planet.
  6. i think (not sure) that it is on towering above the rest named there there--early. here's a link from atease with TATR. cd 12 http://www.ateaseweb.com/mb/index.php?showtopic=79687 the quality was horrendous if it's the one from tglmoat. really not worth the download.
  7. yowza. look up a dude named mao zedong. communism in practice is pretty fucked up. capitalism isn't perfect, but communism is more imperfect. and if you think otherwise, pass me the bong. seriously. if you are gong to china, it would behoove you to read about it first. it's an...interesting country. and china will own the usa in about ten years so future relations shouldnt be a problem. i don't think radiohead will play china. they didnt let coldplay play in china for crissakes! becase of "spies." lol. martin probably thought he was all cool after that.
  8. the poster who started the thread should have read some of these threads and known better. i didnt listen, but you guys are ruthless.
  9. even when directed at me, still gets me laughing. edit: and i stand by my original statemtent. ed says some off the wall shit. 3 min. pop songs on kid a, he doesnt like the baggage of the band. and he looks like an old puffy drunk in that picture. i know what drunks look like and he looks like one there.
  10. jesus, i'm bored out of my mind and just fooling around.
  11. i just saw this over at atease. frankly, i don't know who to make fun of first. it's like a scarf convention. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/zanelowe/galleries/galleryarchive.shtml?select=02#gallery why, ed, why? why does he make me cry "why" all the time? all his talk of downloads and three minute pop songs and getting tired of the "baggage" of radiohead. anyone want to comment on how bad he looks? it's thom's fault. he is sucking all the good-lookingness out of ed with his constant whining about glaciers.
  12. yes, but they wouldn't really fight back b/c they wouldn't be able to muster up the requisite enthusiasm.
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