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  1. i have to say i am disappointed. i had a bad connection when i saw the title of this thread a while ago but remembered it and was expecting something funny but...very badly done.
  2. brilliant song, favourite out of the bunch.
  3. sandgrown thanks a lot there watching open pick now, i love this song! and it's brilliant footage too thanks again.
  4. yeah it sounds like it should go on for a bit more but i like it very much....yes:thumbsup:
  5. great news!!! can't wait to get home to a good internet connection and see/hear the latest things on the eraser site. i think thom said that nigel "arranged" it. i am not sure what that means though.
  6. when i first heard it which was...just now, :/ i thought WHAT have they done, it was like they were taking a hammer to that song with the drums, i thought they had butchered it. over the past 10 minutes it has grown..i like it. but i don't know how long my like for this version will last- i hope it doesn't sink like where you are and i begin- but i have a good feeling about this one. i really like the ether version so for now it would be full band>ether>koko (which was unimpressive i thought) (AHAHAHA trickster- your signature is great!)
  7. i dunno about "like radiohead" but bands that have had an impact on me have been things like joy division, the fall, can, public image limited's early things but they aren't really contemporary. the smiths? maybe you'd like tv on the radio's "young liars" EP.
  8. i don't have one but your name= even though it may be your real name!
  9. yes i found that with shepherds bush too.
  10. i am interested in anything for fri 19th at the apollo. i don't think i can manage any other date.
  11. thanks i'll try that...wish i'd get it over with now as then i have to concentrate on uni work. i'll also keep an eye on ebay for reasonable prices later.
  12. aren't you one of those.......things?
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