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    Let Down
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    Ok Computer
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    Pink Floyd, Elliott Smith, Belle and Sebastian, Sigur R
  1. The Bends Kid A Hail to the Thief Ok Computer Amnesiac Pablo Honey In Rainbows
  2. love bangers and DITNU the rest didnt appeal much on first listen
  3. my best friend says thoms voice sounds like Herbert (that old pedophile) from family guy
  4. Let down sounded so okay-ish at first and now its one of my favorite songs ever
  5. pablo honey - 4 the bends - 7.6 ok computer - 9.6 kid a - 9.5 amnesiac - 8.4 hail to the thief - 8.5 in rainbows - 7.8 (its growing though)
  6. When the drums start in House of Cards Also in the way thom says - "denial" in House of Cards The strings in Faust Arp The climax of All I need
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