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  1. YES!! WIEAYB is a top 5 RH song and nobody knows it. And sorry, but HoC is overrated (not underrated ).
  2. PH - You (Thom/Jonny acoustic version, MTV Studio - London, 1994) TB - (Nice Dream) (w/ Nude intro - Berlin, 2001) OKC - Paranoid Android (studio version) KA - The National Anthem (Saturday Night Live - NYC, 2000) A - Like Spinning Plates (I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings, 2001) HTTT - Where I End And You Begin (Tokyo, 2004) IR - Videotape (London, 2006) TKOL - Codex (studio version) B Side - Last Flowers (studio version)
  3. First, haven't been here in years, and it was great reading all the fantastic insight from the Hall of Fame MT'ers (Penny, Piro, Doc, etc.). Landmark moments like a new RH LP just aren't the same without sharing with like-minders who are so perceptive and articulate. Now, on to my TKOL thoughts: Yes, I was one of those on first listen that thought "Well, for those that have been pining for an entire album of Amnesiac B-sides, congratu-fuckin'-lations!" It seemed too much Eraser Thom, and not enough of Jonny's guitar (if at all!). And where were all the greats from the past few summers (Present Tense/Daily Mail/Walk Down The Staircase)? And what about Burn The Witch?!?!? I was one depressed hombre heading into work, intermittently emailing my friends that "the new RH dropped a day early, but not really digging it after first go". Then I listened a second time, and it started to sink in. Then I got home and listened with headphones on and eyes closed, and it was like the clouds parting. WTF was I thinking?!?!? It's amazing! Highlights/comments for me include, but are not limited to: 1. Colin on Bloom, and Phil on the entire thing (is he really playing all of that?!?!?); 2. Love the attitude in Thom's vocal on Magpie, but I do miss the guitar riff; 3. The guitars on Little By Little are sick! I think the drum beat distracted me so much that I completely missed them on initial listen; 4. Feral is cool, but probably should have been relegated to B-side status with so many other greats still on the sidelines; 5. Holy Skip Divided at the beginning of Lotus Flower. I'm pretty sure those are Ed's handclaps. They just sound like Ed's hands; 6. I can't believe you guys aren't going more ape-shit over Codex! For me it is by far the best song and climax of the album (like Reckoner was on IR), and I haven't seen too many people mention the obvious similarities to Pyramid Song. The ghostly effect on the piano, the horns that come out of nowhere and break your soul to pieces, and probably the most melodic moments on the entire album. There's even a dash of Harry Patch-type strings at the end for good measure. This is TKOL's Street Spirit/Exit Music/HTDC/Pyramid Song/Sail to the Moon/Videotape moment, people! How are you guys missing this?!?!?; 7. Jonny's underlying guitar melody takes GUTG from solid Thom demo to instant RH classic. Gotta dig the Spinning Plates tape whirring to close it out; 8. Separator sounds like a top notch Amnesiac B-side, which is great, but maybe not to the level of other RH closers. Of course, Jonny's guitar saves the day about halfway through and takes it to another level. Overall I am thrilled. They've done it yet again. How could I have doubted for even a minute? Can't wait to see what they do with these live.
  4. You are the shit. Thanks. What else you got, dog? Edit: Never mind, as I just discovered all the great stuff you posted in the Official Unreleased Songs thread! Sweet! Any chance you would have .mp3 versions of TNA on Saturday Night Live ('00) and/or the original Arpeggi from Ether ('05)? All I can find are video files, but I just want the audio. Thanks!
  5. Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Reminds me of IMBW live.
  6. I've said it before, I'll say it again - the original '98 version by a mile
  7. Thom would have been very brief (unlike Plant and that fruitcake guitar/producer guy - how awkward was that?!?!?) I thought it was funny that Jonny was so uncomfortable he was poking himself in the eye when they announced them as the last nominee. How can someone kick so much ass on stage for thousands and then be so shy off it?
  8. I'm about to be 37, which would make me a little younger than the band.
  9. After sitting through 2.5 hours of mediocre crap, Radiohead took the stage (after an awesome intro from a very tasty looking Gwenyth) and blew the fucking doors off the joint. Thom's vocals were super cool, Jonny was fantastic as always, and the way they incorporated the marching band was nothing short of amazing! In typical Radiohead fashion, they took a all-flash-no-substance Hollywood cheesefest and skull-fucked it. Bravo, fellas! Thanks for lowering your standards for a night in order to show the "mainstream" what they're missing (and rewarding your loyal fans in the process)!
  10. It's Where I End And You Begin - nothing comes close for Coz-kick-ass
  11. It's solid (and it has perhaps their best performance of Exit Music), but the April 18, 2004 show in Tokyo completely kicks its ass in every way. The Tokyo '04 show is by far their greatest live recording. The sound is better than the Live Recordings album they released officially, and it contains at least two of the greatest live tracks they've ever done (Where I End And You Begin and The National Anthem, which are flawless in every way). I would also rate the 10/02/00 Victoria Park Show ahead of this one, as well as the 07/07/01 South Park, Oxford show.
  12. The fact that they have indicated that they may continue to release new material as downloads in the future lends some creditability to this theory, but as you have stated many times before, their (Thom's) neurotic perfectionism almost requires at least a year and a half of tinkering before a release. As they are scheduled to begin recording sessions this month (before they head to Japan), I think that unfortunately puts us into 2010.
  13. Any chance they simulcast tonight's show?!?!?!?
  14. Can someone please post non-dime links for those of us that don't have dime accounts? (especially the recent Boston show) Thanks in advance!
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