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  1. Holy cow, I haven't posted to this message board in a long long time. Anyway, I remember reading or hearing an interview years ago that the first two tracks on 'The Bends' were flipped by the record pressing plant. The Bends was supposed to open the album and Planet Telex was to follow. The band just went along with the error. Can anyone back me up on that or provide a source? I don't think I'm making this up.
  2. Does anyone have an accurate guitar tab book of IR? I have books for all of their other albums, but I can't seem to find a good one of In Rainbows.
  3. http://www.facebook.com/likepioneers Chicago based band Bound Stems split up after they released The Family Afloat in 2008. They're all back (minus Evan Sult) and they have an album that should be out in a few months. They just posted 3 songs to their facebook page a couple days ago, and they're all awesome. This is definitly worth a listen.
  4. Rad1030

    The Hangover

    Zach Galifianakis was the best part of the movie. "You probably get asked this a lot...but is this the real Caesar's Palace?"
  5. If by 'bandwagon' you mean 'from birth' then yes.
  6. I did a couple 50 mile rides last summer. I put on some pounds this winter so it's gonna take some work getting back into it.
  7. Yeah, that's pretty much the live CD version but on guitar. Piano sheet from Littlerowboat.net(RIP) music here: Very easy song to play. I always though of this as more of a guitar melody. The way it translates into a simple finger picking pattern on guitar leads me to believe that it was originally written for guitar.
  8. You must have been hanging out with the wrong crowd. I had a gooooood time.
  9. Got a 31 on ACT, what does that translate to?
  10. My buddy just did it for the first time. We bottled it last weekend and it'll be drinkable next weekend!
  11. world>3>64>1>gameboy version>everything else
  12. how the hell are you supposed to pronounce "hi-potion". I've never heard it spoken otherwise.
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