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  1. this is pretty good. sounds like it could go straight on the eraser though, I was hoping AFP would be something a bit different not just a continuation of Thom's solo stuff.
  2. yeah it's horribly expensive. more fool me i guess, got a standing ticket for the 9th in london
  3. i understand their reasons for doing it, but it is a massive pain. I don't know where the fuck i will be or what i'll be doing in October!
  4. yeah the price is outrageous... I really don't like the fact that they're in such big arena's too, if you're not near the front you won't be able to see shit
  5. yeah im assuming 50 pound for seated and 70 for standing?
  6. For such an anti-capitalist band, radiohead sure do like to rip you off
  7. assuming most have seen this? http://www.theuniversalsigh.com/yourphotos/?photo=5141%2F5619116139_114bcc3b3d.jpg
  8. both songs are great butcher especially is amazing
  9. so, the butcher got 'butchered' from the album... HAHAHAHA
  10. how are there not good rips get? fuck
  11. how about you mods just turn a blind eye for like 10 20 mins allowing enough people to get on the d/l link and then those who miss out would be able to get it by pm from everyone else who has it easy enough.
  12. also think this is their most complete work since kid a
  13. fantastic album, can only see it getting better with time too.
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