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  1. Hahah so funny..Lehmann is a retard Lamps has been terrible in set pieces, why don't they just let Alex take the free kicks? He's proven he's a major threat. Lamps' passing has been fine, just he needs to get in form and score goals; hopefully that goal in the Carling Cup will be a jump start for tomorrow against Blackburn. He needs to get in form, badly. Oh I'm not fooled, but Essien has been better this season, I'm not normally surprised if an occasional dive comes out of anyone [normally the foreigners], especially in the box. Oh, and Shaun Wright-Phillips needs to learn how to cross properly, and hit open nets.
  2. Essien not so much, well, at least this season. Drogba I have to agree, Mikel and A Cole on occasion I have to admit. Don't get me wrong, I respect Arsenal, but Fabregas bothers me, as does the low English contingent. Here in Canadian football (CFL) your required to have a certain amount of Canadians on the team, and a certain amount on the starting roster; the same thing might be alright in England. Really I think either Chelsea or United could knock off Arse. United are a constant scoring threat with very consistent goalkeeping and defense. Chelsea are a bit less of a scoring threat with Drogba out but I was impressed they still held their own against Arse, and really didn't play that bad of a game. Aside from Cech's mistake it was a draw, also Alumnia was forced into some big saves. Although I have Fabregas on fantasy, I dislike him. I don't want Arse to win the league at all costs. And Lamps should stop taking corners
  3. Keep the blue flag flying high! If Kalou was a better finisher, then oh man...we'd be deadly
  4. We should create a Mortigi Tempo page on wikipedia
  5. And Cesc Fabregas dives and whines alot. That tosser.
  6. Little Bones


    i already said i'd drum for you cheetos:smoke_coo
  7. HAHAAH THE LITTLE CAESAR i remember that. that chant was fucking priceless
  8. i called highanddRYAN, but hes working til close so i made his brother leave him a note;)
  9. my life is complete THE LP7 WAIT IS OVA and i forget who, but their sig says LP7 will be released tomorrow, so yesterday it was kinda right EDIT: that would be punkt
  10. i think something more like: planet telex, just, the bends or bones would have been a better choice paranoid android would have been good too
  11. i like both of them i think some of the offbeat snare drum hits in joe rockhead sound offbeat in a bad way. and the flintstones samples fit in nicely
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