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  1. I've worked out quite a bit and done powerlifting, but started feeling burned out from lifting in early August so I started doing tons of cycling instead. I've been doing about 24 km (about 12 miles) every other day and am going to start going every day this week.
  2. Thanks everyone/Jilly. I took advantage of becoming legal drinking age and got pretty drunked up.
  3. Little Bones


    Well as per Cal's request I'll give my views on things at The Bridge. To me things seem well, everyone in the squad likes Ancelotti, JT announced he's staying and the team had a good preseason tour. Yuri Zhirkov settled in very well in his first game. I thought he was very clean on the ball and made smart decisions. He showed some good pace down the left wing there and offered much in attack. Zhirkov worked well with Ashley Cole down the left and linked well with the rest of the team. So far I'm happy with his signing. According to management there's still going to be a "marquee signing" but I don't believe so. Prices are really inflated and most of the marquee transfers have happened already.
  4. I deleted it. Sunnyvale United GK - Cech, Sorensen DF - Hughes, Hangeland, Upson, A.Cole, Shawcross MF - Lampard ©, Taylor, Barry, Murphy, Malbranque FW - Agbonlahor, Crouch, Fuller
  5. wow, talk about not paying attention. /endthread
  6. I saw no messages about this so I thought I'd take care of it. Yet again the beginning of the EPL season is just a short time away, and again it's time for the Mortigi Fantasy Premier League! You can sign up at theFantasy PL Homesite; then go to "manage leagues", then "create/join", then just pop in the league code 569286-125997 and ta da, you should be a member of the league. So sign up, select your squad of 15, and the best of luck to everyone!
  7. I loved Favre (as a Packers fan). Then he dicks around with the franchise, and goes with the Jets. I lost a bit of respect for him there. Then he goes to the Vikings. I've lost all respect for him and I won't wear a Favre jersey until he retires - and even that is iffy.
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    acts like a hat brim so he can track down balls in the sun.
  9. Fuck yeah, saw them in Massey Hall back in May. That was more then worth the $95 I paid for the tickets. Played for 2.5 hours. An NFL team would fuck up the CFL. I would be disappointed if Toronto got an NFL team. And the bigger field is better, needs skill because of the open field tackling.
  10. I still have my Argos Suck pin, I plan to bring it to Toronto with me. And I hate Adriano Belli, fucking moron.
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