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  1. TBH they probably think his voice is shit when he's actually on-key. The guy sings in a pitchy falsetto... On rewatch, Lotus Flower and Staircase were really great on SNL. I had mixed feelings about them earlier, but I think it was my TV. Best live [TKOL] Lotus Flower yet, easily.
  2. On good headphones (or a good stream) you can hear Ed's part on SNL Staircase pretty clearly, and it's gorgeous. He's creating a full ambient soundscape, but on initial listen (on mah TV) I could barely hear it at all. Overall: SNL Staircase is tighter, but I like Thom's synths a little more on FTB.
  3. HYYPIOE ... what is this song? It's on ASCAP and has a number in the same series as the songs on TKOL. It also appears to be co-written by Albert Hammond among other people not in Radiohead. However, it does include writing credits from all 5 members of the band. Anybody? I searched AtEase and MT and this is the first time this has been mentioned.
  4. They're streaming the album in full, in HD, on their YouTube channel. Track by track. I sincerely doubt they care if you steal their album. When the tour goes on sale, tickets will be shit hot. Here's what I think (is that a MT meme too? I forget ) ...there are two trains of thought here: A. Realistic: The CDs are cheaply packaged because Radiohead knows that CDs are "over" and they just threw the option out there to appease the less-than-hardcore that want to listen. B. Idealistic: They're saving money so that they can distribute more releases this year. The latter thought stems from the theory that the TKOL we know is just the seed to a release forest.
  5. There are a couple of stellar compilations. I have a 5-volume collection called An Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music, which you can probably find on various torrent sites if you do not wish to purchase it. It spans 1920-2007. It's primarily experimental in nature. I think Autechre and Aphex Twin may be in there, but that might be it for [modern] familiar faces.
  6. Average track length on TKOL is a bit longer than most of their records. Certainly IR. I think that TB/SC will be contrary to expectations. Super Collider is gonna be about 5:00 and something tells me that The Butcher will be under 4 minutes.
  7. You'd be surprised at some of the electronic music that's been around since the 1920s.
  8. This album is begging for a full performance live on Jools Holland, complete with horns and all other amenities.
  9. Feral is gonna be the new Gloaming. (i.e. sampler-heavy with a live rhythm section) Thom is gonna dance his ass off too. I can't wait to see it, heh.
  10. I took my first listen to TKOL while high [on weed] Friday. It's not a fair way to judge an album, but God, Bloom went from "amazing" to downright euphoric. Feral too. Can you even imagine one of Thom's so-called peers trying to pull off a song that fetishizes their voice in such a way? If Chris Martin sang on Feral, I'd want to punch him.
  11. He's incredible on this, mos def. Morning Mr Magpie's bass is the sex. Colin has been great on every Radiohead album, though. Mostly from OKC forward.
  12. When you said "mix" I was assuming the proper usage in this context, referring to actually mixing stems in an audio suite. Stems, get it?
  13. Haha, well, the website address is printed right on the paper. And, I've seen a lot of QR codes in my time and they seldom point to a redirection link. In fact, TUS is probably the first time I've seen this method used. I think it's time to play wait-and-see. The discbox is about a month away, we're getting SC/TB on the 16th, Japan is getting the album and TUS this week; more secrets to be unveiled. Why was Radiohead in studio for almost two months after their new album came out? Just tweaking SC/TB? I seriously doubt it.
  14. The QR code is all but definitely for something beyond www.theuniversalsigh.com. Otherwise there would have been no reason to send users to a redirect link. That little rumor from the street during TUS distribution about "all you'll need is the paper to get to Radiohead's next album" might have been overly optimistic hearsay, but the sentiment is probably on the money.
  15. It's especially important now, with some of these music blogs (Magiska, namely) going private... with preference towards contributors. Providing a link that somebody else ripped is good, but ripping the item yourself and ensuring top quality listening for you and others? Much more valuable.
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