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  1. If they record it just like this, it has a good chance of being a top 10 RH song for me. That rhythm just gets me. Then you have Ed's effects and backing vocals, plus Jonny's synth at the end. Just so chilled. Identikit is great as well and I expect them to get the recording right. Cut a Hole is a nice, pretty track, which will likely be beautiful on record. Ful Stop is my least favourite of the 4 at this stage, but is still a good, energetic song. They are still producing the goods 20 years after that first album.
  2. I don't remember many particularly caring for the acoustic version. I recall practically everyone writing it off as a b-side at best. Then came the full-band version on the 2006 tour and people started taking notice of it. I doubt many had heard the acoustic version but not the full-band version before In Rainbows came out, so everyone knew what to expect.
  3. I prefer the album version of I Will. I love that the backing harmonising at the end comes in earlier and it feels more powerful as simply Thom by himself. I will never complain about having both versions though. Paperbag Writer is good and has a great bassline. Really enjoyed seeing Atoms for Peace playing it live. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nGe9S3avaU I Am a Wicked Child is also good. Very different for them, I like the rough sound of it and Jonny's harmonica is quality. I Am Citizen Insane is decent enough. Gagging Order is arguably their best b-side and one of their best overall. Fog (Again) is lovely and an excellent version. I prefer the studio version and feel it is one of their best b-sides. It is great to have both. The beat on Where Bluebirds Fly has always annoyed me. I find the sound of it irritating so it detracts from the song for me. The live version that from the Ether Festival is excellent though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFKGNk_2aEA I have never cared enough about the two remixes to pay them much attention. Overall, the Hail to the Thief era gave us another collection of enjoyable b-sides. Sure, two of them are alternate versions, but that is probably a result of the album having 14 tracks. In another era, two or more of those album tracks could've been b-sides.
  4. Could I get mine changed to "precious bodily fluids" please? Thanks.
  5. Pablo Honey - 5.2 The Bends - 8.0 OK Computer - 9.7 Kid A - 9.5 Amnesiac - 8.9 Hail to the Thief - 8.4 In Rainbows - 9.4 The King of Limbs - 8.6 Still my favourite band. Love the new material. Excited to see what they are going to produce next.
  6. I'd love to hear these songs that (as far as I'm aware) they've never played live before: A Reminder (though I have a sneaky feeling I used to have a live version in the past) How I Made My Millions Fog (full band version, though this is highly unlikely considering what Thom said at Le Reservoir in 2003) Cuttooth The Amazing Sounds of Orgy Worrywort
  7. The fast breakdown bit in We Suck Young Blood on its own is better than Black Star.
  8. Best Weird Fishes/Arpeggi is from Jools Holland.
  9. My favourite HTDC was always Pinkpop '01. Also, Talk Show Host from that show is amazing. FPT, There There and 2+2=5 at Glastonbury 2003 are my favourite performances of each song. Love TNA/Hunting Bears at Eurockeennes 2003. Also, Exit Music in Utrecht in 97. The bass is amazing.
  10. So far its been TNA, Street Spirit, Karma Police, Reckoner, Arpeggi and now Bodysnatchers that I've seen. So it doesnt look like it.
  11. Watching on the red button. Love Reckoner live. And the studio version. And the acoustic version. And the old version. Which we are now getting. Nice.
  12. What songs were shown before There There on BBC3? Meant to put this on record yesterday but forgot and totally forgot it was on so missed the first few songs.
  13. HTDC at Pinkpop 2001 Pyramid Song at Canal Fake Plastic Trees at Glasto 2003
  14. An upload would be great, cheers. Always loved EIIRP from Pinkpop '01. Exit Music from Utrecht '97 is immense. Can't think of an exact version but there is bound to be a better Gloaming that Eurockeennes, simply for the fact that later ones have the cool "oooooooo-oooooooo" outro.
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