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  1. In my last post here, I was so excited and confident that the show would be great, no matter the venue, rain or shine. I was slowly stunned and saddened by what happened. I was standing in line when I first read the reports on twitter, which I thought was a joke or false rumour. There had to be thousands or people waiting there, and nobody even knew for a while. I think it was about 20 minutes or so after the collapse when the security people announced that the show was cancelled. It was a huge mass of disappointment. Reality sets in.
  2. hey MTers! it's been a while since i've posted here, but i'm really looking forward to this show and had to share my excitement!!! The show is in ONE WEEK! Fans, I don't think we have to worry about the venue, weather, etc. I've seen Radiohead at Hummingbird/Sony and Molson Amphitheatre and they were both amazing shows. I have no doubt that this will be a wonderful show.
  3. when making my up to date essential radiohead list, i choose only one song per album and two b-sides... so my list would look something like this Anyone Can Play Guitar Just Karma Police Morning Bell Pyramid Song Cuttooth Myxomatosis Paperbag Writer Reckoner Codex
  4. on the butcher I hear: Here's a little bitch coming out of him not He's a little bitch coming out of him/honour him
  5. My vote goes to butcher. I really like both songs though. Butcher wins out because it's the closest thing we have to "new, new" material. If only they would release an album full of studio songs like The Butcher, songs that were immediate and new, but never performed.
  6. I bet that a portion of the pieces will be "limbs", a physical version of the digital "art" that came with TAMTW. People will start putting them together, like a puzzle (which it really isn't), and find spooky secret messages. ooooo!
  7. I'd just like to say that I am SO SICK of these stupid "seed" "trunk" "branch" theories. Seriously. TKOL is a tree trunk? Seriously wtf??
  8. goddammit when are they going to announce this upgrade?? I just want to give radiohead my money already
  9. I agree. All this tail chasing is making me tired. The conversation's convoluted. Why can't we just wait for something to happen and stop imposing all our theories and arguments over nothing? I'm afraid we'll all come out of this sorely disappointed if we keeping taking Mews so literally.
  10. I think Mews has been stressing his unreliability with these recent tweets. Heck, he's been retweeting people saying that he's a liar. I think that the underlying message here is to stop over analyzing and interpreting. Yes, we know that Mews is an actor, but why take his fiction so seriously?
  11. I could've made that on garageband ...godddammit This thread is one big massive failure.
  12. GUYS N o t h i n g i s g o i n g t o h a p p e n
  13. I liked reading that one, good find. The press release page is interesting. I think this is the reason why we're expecting a follow up, because if Kid A = TKOL, then probably Amnesiac = (follow up title of LP, EP, Single). If this is history repeating itself, then I predict a short tour in summer, and follow up to be released either late 2011, or early 2012.
  14. i agree with everyone, TKOL is among the best of Radiohead, and let me add that Colin's bass on Separator is fuckin' magical
  15. my vote goes to feral and little by little, i say the latter because in the studio vers. it's a pretty complex rhythm section... i dunno how well they can reproduce that on stage. There's already three guitars in the song, colin and phil can't do all that percussion. or maybe they can who knows?
  16. He doesn't say anything overtly bad about the album. I agree with his compliment to the bass, tis true.
  17. Jeeze, i know some people have been hating on TKOL, but seriously, you can't burn it, it's DIGITAL!
  18. this has reached a whole new level now, i don't know what to believe. illuminatus much?
  19. has anyone been contacted by waste for a TKOL upgrade yet?
  20. I was really hopeful for some shows this spring, now this seems less likely. However, Hufford's comments do not rule out more radiohead songs, or a webcast. So I am still optimistic. Great job.
  21. My first listen was fantastic. I was hella hungover, and I felt like I was in the perfect mood to listen. I was blown away by the first half of the album, immediately satisfied with the sound they were going for. The second half melted me into a puddle, especially Codex. Give Up the Ghost gave me chills.
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