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  1. MT rebooted for a new generation. With Zac Efron and Dwaynetherockjohnson.
  2. Don't know if you saw but Thom recently said in an interview it was meant to come out last year he just sorta ran out of time. So hopefully once Suspiria properly finishes he can just the up loose ends, worth the marketing and push the button (see you in October then...)
  3. I'll still be hella hyped for it, but it feels an awfully long way off at the moment. It'll never be the same as the In Rainbows hype but I'm just grateful to have had an album deliver on such crazy expectations. The old community has died which is sad but was always inevitable, I guess I'll check the reddit more regularly once the machine starts turning again. I'm just glad it all happened. And new music is still for the win, next up Thom and Ed's solo albums so plenty to feast on. In terms of when they finish, I'm never really part of the 'this is the last one' brigade. They seem to still enjoy touring. I think age will hit them before any lack of desire. P.s. we're calling this one LPX folks...
  4. Adriaan explains: http://ateaseweb.blogspot.com/2018/07/how-come-i-end-up-where-i-started.html?m=1
  5. Really great couple of setlists
  6. don't leave us father
  7. Fast Tracker


    The issue is always with the officials, not with the technology being used. I'm conpletely all for VAR but the training and implementation for it has to be way better than it currently is.
  8. Fast Tracker


    Croatia 3 - 0 Willies
  9. Fast Tracker


    Sterling will probably start against Panama to see if he can get his confidence up. If he doesn't perform his place is Rashford's. Loftus Cheek looking handy again. We may have nearly fucked it up but that was so much more encouraging than anything I've seen us do at a tournament in yonks. Just gotta fucking finish chances...
  10. Fast Tracker


    aaaand they pretty spectacularly didnt.
  11. Fast Tracker


    They try and play nice football bless 'em but they defend playground style. Still feel like anything could happen though if they nick a goal back.
  12. Fast Tracker


    Wasn't it his birthday last month? Does he just lose his shit at that time of year? I mean I hate getting a year older too but.
  13. Fast Tracker


    How the balls does Sane not make the Germany squad.
  14. Fast Tracker


    Theyre a good shout for a dark horse. I think Portugal could surprise people too.
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