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  1. I'm kinda annoyed that part of why I dithered is I couldn't understand an 80 pound vinyl edition with some art compared to a 40 pound regular vinyl and more comprehensive artbook for 30 pound. 10 pound more for less art but more limitedy editionyness? Buh?
  2. Scarry limited edition sold out in UK. That's what I get for dithering. Still some in America folks.
  3. Don't know if you saw but Thom recently said in an interview it was meant to come out last year he just sorta ran out of time. So hopefully once Suspiria properly finishes he can just the up loose ends, worth the marketing and push the button (see you in October then...)
  4. I'll still be hella hyped for it, but it feels an awfully long way off at the moment. It'll never be the same as the In Rainbows hype but I'm just grateful to have had an album deliver on such crazy expectations. The old community has died which is sad but was always inevitable, I guess I'll check the reddit more regularly once the machine starts turning again. I'm just glad it all happened. And new music is still for the win, next up Thom and Ed's solo albums so plenty to feast on. In terms of when they finish, I'm never really part of the 'this is the last one' brigade. They seem to still enjoy touring. I think age will hit them before any lack of desire. P.s. we're calling this one LPX folks...
  5. Really great couple of setlists
  6. Do you like trees? Yes. Do you draw trees? Yes. Do you like to hide in the trees? Yes. After a long and difficult birth, were your parents underwhelmed and convinced a second child was imminent? Yes. You are The King of Limbs.
  7. Worth a read http://www.exitmusic.com.ar/news/prensatraducciones/exitmusic-in-conversation-with-philip-selway-and-ed-obrien/ Includes such nuggets as: > They tried to do AMSP from the basement but it didn't work out (but could return to format and do songs across catalogue) > Ed's new record is 'existential dance > The door is open to play Polyethylene live again (but not We Suck Young Blood) > They're interested in doing more reissues aaaaaaaaaand > Ed is now aware that we think he just sings his own name for backing vocals and finds it quite amusing.
  8. Well it looked immediately recognisable but I couldn't say exactly where. Possibly Amnesiac era? It's like a go-to-character for Stanley, possibly modelled on himself lol. Someone in Reddit pointed out it was similar to a post-Amok woodblock piece he did with people running from the apocalypse. So who knows what this is meant to be tipping off, if anything.
  9. So he just posted an old artwork. Stanley has been doodling old artworks as part of a larger piece. I'm wondering if it's some kind of compilation containing old and new stuff.
  10. He's at it again. That or he's misremembering Obstacle 1.
  11. Thom's being all cryptic on his Twitter again. Could be politics, could be lyrics.
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