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    how to dissapear completely
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    the bends
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  1. i might be wrong. album version much better
  2. yea i tried that i put on "i will" after bout 3 weeks of ZERO radiohead and 4 sum reason wen i heard it it just sounded really bad to me and i turned it off. its a shame cos its 1 of my favourite radiohead songs
  3. well i wud but there not my kinda band
  4. i have listened to radiohead to death (street spirit ive heard at least 100 times) and im starting 2 get bored of them could sum1 seriously suggest wot 2 do
  5. quote=Vicarious]stopped reading there well they are
  6. im catholic but radiohead doesnt influence my religion in thje slightest 2 b honest im not a practising catholic i dont, LIVE my religion
  7. all of them- i have to read the lyrics i cant guess them
  8. thats actually quite rational, a good idea that gets you manpoints:thumbsup:
  9. b careful cos if im gay ( which im not) I might like that kind of thing AND POWR 2 DA WRD CUM!!!!
  10. yea it wud b a nitemare if this new album was reallly poor it wud mean the last year of my life was a waste;)
  11. people r just repeating threads on general radiohead chat people have talked about every album, gig, eraser even though that doesnt count as radiohead, there hav been countless repeated polls e.g whcih album do you like the best i mean cmon guys lets do threads neva dun b4
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